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With 20 years of eCommerce experience and more than 500 certified resources, Royal Cyber’s team of experts deliver experience-driven commerce solutions that sell more. Our Salesforce certified team works with our clients to create, support, and continuously improve their e-commerce platforms, offering the best end-to-end experience.

We believe in empowering your business across multiple channels, including mobile, web, social, and in-store commerce with Salesforce Commerce Cloud (previously known as Demandware) — one of the leading e-Commerce platforms. Fulfill your customer expectations with a unique online shopping experience. With Salesforce, your customers can buy anywhere, in any language, with in-built Artificial Intelligence, multi-site, multi-lingual capabilities across all digital channels.

Royal Cyber’s SnapStart Package can bring you on-board with Salesforce Commerce Cloud in as less as 4-6 Weeks with hundreds of out-of-the-box storefront features, including AI-Based Search, Pre-build Payment & Tax Cartridges, OMS Integration and more. Contact our Salesforce Commerce Cloud Partners today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

01. What is Salesforce Commerce Cloud?

Salesforce Commerce Cloud is a Service as a Solution (SaaS) that allows businesses to effortlessly sell products and services online through various devices and mediums without the operational headspace of running a technological pathway. With Salesforce Commerce Cloud, companies can create an intelligent and unified commerce experience for their customers across many devices. This is possible as it leverages the power of cloud technology, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning and provides solutions through which products can be sold, promoted, shipped, and maintained, thereby accelerating growth across B2B (with Cloudcraze) and B2C (with Demandware) channels.

02. What is Salesforce B2BCommerce?

Known as Cloudcraze previously, Salesforce purchased and renamed it as Salesforce Commerce Cloud B2B. It is a utility that helps solve complex business buying and selling requirements through an intelligent, unified, and multi-tenant system. It is based on the Salesforce Cloud platform and can merge CRM, business and commerce data to help gain a single view of the customer, increase revenue, grow enterprises, and streamline the process.

03. What is Customer 360?

Customer 360 is an integrated CRM platform that brings the business and its customers together. It helps to unite the marketing, sales, commerce, and services with an easy and shared integrated CRM platform. This allows a single view of the customer enabling a connected and personalized customer experience.

04. What are the Features of Salesforce Commerce Cloud?

Salesforce Commerce Cloud leverages an Artificial Intelligence-integrated, cloud-based commerce platform to provide a seamless customer experience, manage customers and do much more from a single channel. Some of Salesforce Commerce Cloud’s key features include:

  • Providing an omni-channel platform that allows an integration of the physical and online store
  • SaaS solution to enable real-time access to operational information
  • Flexibility for returns and pick-up options
  • Website management with CMS and OMS
  • Allowing compatibility across operating systems
  • Personalization of shopping experiences for customers
  • Seamless upgrades whose installation do not require any technical intervention
  • Intervention enabling to manage multiple stores from a single back end

05. What are the Benefits of implementing Salesforce Commerce Cloud?

Coined as an innovative, intelligent, and interactive eCommerce platform, Salesforce Commerce Cloud has a plethora of unique advantages that help to optimize the customer journey. The benefits include:

  • Predictive intelligence with the Einstein AI that helps to personalize the online experience
  • Enhance stability with a capacity to handle high traffic, high transaction volumes, and mass amounts of online inventory
  • Powerful growth strategies that enable to identify industry trends, automate up-selling and cross-selling to increase sales, and use of AI for data-driven insights
  • Unified shopping experiences that follows customers on their unique customer journey and connect the touchpoints to give retailers a comprehensive picture
  • Mobile-first capabilities that offer a rich mobile experience enabling a quick and cohesive experience for buyers
  • Robust marketing tools that allow customers to find the right products and make informed decisions thereby increasing conversions and sales

06. What are the Features of Salesforce Order Management?

Salesforce Order Management System provides a world-class CRM system that helps maintain records for all customers and manage corporate relations with ease. Some of the features include:

  • Complete order management and strengthens a direct connection between orders and the customers
  • This enables one to see the life cycle of the products through every stage of the order
  • Facilitates payment processing, order lifecycle management, provides self-service capabilities to customers and effectively manages workflows through a visual system and complex orders through a bird-eye view
  • Advantages include faster time to international markets, one platform with one experience, cloud-based innovation, the enablement of a truly unified commerce experience

07. What is the Pricing model of Salesforce Commerce Cloud?

The Salesforce Commerce Cloud pricing model has three tiers. The differentiating factors are the number of storefronts, number of SKUs, and multi-channel order capability. The three tiers are:

  • The Starter plan supports one storefront and can manage 7500 unique products
  • The Growth plan supports five storefronts and can manage 75,000 products
  • The Plus plan supports ten storefronts and provides a database that can store and manage 750,000 unique products

08. What is the implementation cost for Salesforce Commerce Cloud?

We at Royal Cyber help you launch a completely scalable, end-to-end B2C eCommerce solution, powered by Salesforce Commerce Cloud in 4-6 weeks with our Snapstart Packages depending upon your requirement. The package also includes:

  • A complimentary one-week assessment and discovery
  • Lightning-fast setup that allows you to go to new international markets in weeks
  • Full-features bundle with Salesforce’s essential apps, integrations, stability, and performance
  • A cost-effective price tag with implementation cost savings of over 40%
  • Continuous improvement and dedicated services from leading experts

09. Is Royal Cyber a Salesforce Commerce Cloud Consulting Partner?

A Salesforce Commerce Cloud Consulting Partner is authorized by Salesforce to develop and provide custom solutions, project implementations, and integrations. A consulting partner is trained to lead the innovation phase and help companies connect with customers in new ways.

10. Why do I need a Salesforce Commerce Cloud Partner and how do I choose one?

A Salesforce consultant along with the project team help to:

  • Determine the company’s specific goals and needs
  • Collaborate and provide information on the software implementation process
  • Ensure any required custom applications are well-suited to the company

While choosing a Salesforce Consulting Partner, a few factors need to be considered to drive the business forward. These factors include research, network, industry expertise, partner team size, Salesforce certification, continuing support, budget, and long-term engagement, all of which we at Royal Cyber excel in.

11. What are the next steps after implementation and what is included in the Salesforce Commerce Cloud Managed Services?

Managed services mean having an entire team of experts committed year-round to ensure the online business’s maintenance, monitoring, and support. The benefits include:

  • Getting expert advice on maximizing return on investment while keeping up to date on all eCommerce trends and best practices
  • Provide businesses with a team of dedicated specialists, ensuring that the platforms and channels are always up to the task
  • PCI compliance to test-driving the new Salesforce Commerce Cloud patch without causing downtime
  • Royal Cyber offers a complete 24/7 eCommerce site monitoring, including regular platform audits, alerts, and access to Salesforce developers to fix issues and add enhancements

12. What other tools can I use with Salesforce Commerce Cloud?

We at Royal Cyber deliver world-class commerce and enterprise solutions to help businesses grow faster. You can avail of these complimentary tools with our Snapstart Package. They include:

  • CyberShop – A revolutionary mobile commerce platform that optimizes customer searches to deliver an exceptional retail shopping experience
  • Marketplace – Our Marketplace expertise is blended with unique, in-depth research that maximizes your store’s visibility, seamless expanding the store to a multi-vendor eCommerce business with simplified data management
  • Salesforce Einstein ChatBot – Optimize customer searches and serve them better by addressing their inquiries related to orders, product search and analytics instantly
  • Brightcove – Brightcove, a video-hosting solution can be achieved by creating plug-in cartridges that can be easily integrated with Storefront Reference Architecture (SFRA) and SiteGenesis JavaScript Controllers (SGJC)
  • 360 – The integration of 360 Image view Plugin can be achieved by using a custom cartridge that can be easily integrated Storefront Reference Architecture (SFRA)
  • SubCom Enabler – Subscription Commerce made simple as this product will enable you to increase brand loyalty and client retention through membership and subscription services

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