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Ready-to-Deploy Test Automation Framework

Royal Cyber provides best-in-class test automation services to help clients worldwide perform API testing and functional test automation. Our test automation CoE provides automation testing suites for automating web applications and functional regression testing. Our testing engineers have developed a test automation framework, TEAF, to help clients define coding standards, create scripts to run the code automatically, speed up the manual testing efforts, and record the outcome concisely and explanatory.

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Our Approach

Our test engineers adopt a holistic approach wherein we work with you to define a strategy and create test automation solutions that will help you obtain higher ROI long after the initial automation effort is completed.

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Discovery and Strategic Planning

At this stage, we carry out the initial assessment of your system to identify benefits and perform an ROI analysis.

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Continuous Testing and Process Improvement

Integrate with CI pipeline, optimize for speed, continuously perform tests, and refine processes using data analytics.

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Scale Test Coverage

Expand test coverage, execute the tests in parallel, and use reports and dashboards to optimize test automation.

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Implement High-Value Tests

Our test engineers build high-value tests and execute them continuously for fast enablement of automation and early ROI.

Our Automation Testing Services

Our test engineers leverage industry best practices and domain expertise to enable automated testing of mobile devices and browsers in the cloud or on-premise.

TEAF – Our Test Automation Framework

TEAF integrates with leading commercial and open-source test tools such as:

Continuous Integration (CI) Tools

Continious Integration

Test Automation Tools

Test Automation Tools

Test Management Tools

Test Management Tools

Key Features

Our Differentiators

We leverage Agile and DevOps techniques, continuous integration, and test-driven development methodology to respond quickly and efficiently to environment changes. Some of the differentiators of our QA automation services are:

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6 Steps to Jumpstart ServiceNow Automated Test Framework

ServiceNow Automated Test Framework (ATF) is an out-of-the-box application that organizations use to automate tests for verifying applications, customizations, or configurations. ATF offers functional testing wherein the test manager can create records, set field values, and check the field value results. If the test fails, ATF indicates that the result doesn’t meet the expectations and shares the details of the issues with the team to understand the underlying problem.

Functional Testing with Robotic Process Automation

RPA or Robotic Process Automation allows robots to capture data, run applications, make decisions based on predefined rules, trigger responses, and communicate with other systems

Achieve Quality and Speed with Test Automation

The IT sector is far-reaching the next level of competitive standards where the software applications and other IT products are providing enterprises with a sustainability model. But, surprisingly there are still some companies that are lagging behind in adopting some fundamental IT and QA concepts.

Test Automation Is Required For Agile and DevOps Success

The demand for software is growing over the years with no probable end in vision. Most of the leading organizations are responding faster with more productive means of delivering innovative applications by adopting DevOps. Most of them invest a significant amount of resources in transforming Development and Operations regarding training, tooling, and coaching.

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