Engaging . Immersive . Interactive . Personalized . Empowering
that’s how we are connecting consumers and products with real-time exceptional, innovative & revolutionizing experiences.

Engaging . Immersive . Interactive . Personalized . Empowering
that’s how we are connecting consumers and products with real-time exceptional, innovative & revolutionizing experiences.


USER CENTRIC interactive experiences with multiple touch-points help increase user engagement

AUGMENTED TO ACTUAL REALITY is the new way of offering retail experience to the consumer

TRY BEFORE YOU BUY enable the shopper to make informed purchasing decisions

Adopting AR results in REDUCE RETURNS, increase in business sales, and avoid the extra infrastructural expense

Virtual catalog offerings help portfolio expansion with informed demand


Change the way consumers experience your products and services with our AR experiences.
Apply AR for Furniture, Retail, Fashion, Education, Tourism, or Healthcare — we offer a complete spectrum across multiple domains and can help you convert your ideas into immersive experiences.


Augmented Reality for Spaces is a revolutionary solution to visualize products from different angles.
The “Try Before You Buy” experience allows real-world engagement and enables users to get creative with their choices.


Facial-based Augmented Reality is a pioneering solution that overlays virtual content in real-time.
The “Virtual Try On” experience allows consumers to virtually try on the products and provides them with the confidence to make informed purchase decisions.

And there are more opportunities

Publishing Healthcare Product Information Retail E-Commerce Automobile FMCG Education Tourism Gaming Fashion Architecture Chat Filters Industries Training Construction Furniture Navigation Manufacturing Marketing Repair & Maintains Interior Design Design Augmented Shopping Product 360 Virtual Store Experience Augmented Catalogs Field Services AR Mapping Apparel Web AR Mobile Native Holograms Location Based AR Instant/Image Targets World Tracking Object Recognition Machine Learning Artificial Intelligence

Discover how our AR experts can help you explore Augmented Reality opportunities so customers can visualize your products and services better.


Why AR should be part of your Marketing & Business strategy

The retail industry is facing an unprecedented crisis. This is the ideal time to adopt and upscale a traditional business strategy of Digital First to Digital AR First. Royal Cyber’s AR strategy helps to disrupt the classic eCommerce and brick-and-mortar trade off experience, replacing it with a customer-centric personalized experience.

We at Royal Cyber combine our approach with agile methods and a step-by-step research, design, and development process. This will help you increase customer value, operational effectiveness, and thrive in an evolving world – all while lowering the costs.




Is your brand AR ready? Explore our complimentary AR audit.

We Provide Customized AR App Development

Our custom AR app development services can address any unique customer experience & business requirement you may have on a wide range of platforms.

At this point, you might have some questions

1. What is AR?

It is an interactive virtual experience of a real world environment that is achieved through the use of 3D visual elements, sound or the stimuli achieved through technology. It overlays animations, images, videos, and text into the real world with enhanced data collection through Web AR and Mobile AR.

2. How does AR app work?

In order to experience AR one has to have camera equipped device which could be smartphone, tablet , laptop or even smart glasses. If the product you are looking for is AR enabled you can simply start your experience by scanning QR codes or accessing Short links provided for that product. You can even have an AR app downloaded in your smartphones that identifies the marker and downloads a 3D model that users can see on their screens.

3. What are the first steps organizations should take to determine if AR fits into their business?

Businesses must define their potential end users and the products/service they are having are a good fit to apply AR experience on them.

4. How can business profit from AR?

Other than immersive interactive experience, AR helps in increasing user engagement, brand positioning, competitive differentiation, eliminates cognitive overload and many more to count.

5. How much does AR cost?

AR solution Costs usually depends on many variables like cost of 3D modeling, type of AR chosen, development team and of course business need. An AR app is another shop window, so the idea is to demonstrate the products best. A license is required for an AR engine and a server to run back-end calculations, and infrastructure maintenance will also be required.

6. Is there any long term benefit of AR?

AR may prove to be an additional expense to the existing way of offering products and services to the customer, but it has also proven to increase the digital footprint to a brick-and-mortar store or product experience. AR helps the consumer visualize the products and receive feedback from them, thereby decreasing the physical infrastructure expenses.

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