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At EduPedia, we aim to revolutionize education by empowering students and educators with AI-powered capabilties that enhance learning accessibility, offer personalization, and ease workloads through automation. Our platform provides around-the-clock academic assistance and insightful analytics, ensuring every user achieves their full potential. Committed to continuous innovation, we strive to keep education effective, engaging, and inclusive.
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Platforms Supported By EduPedia

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Transform How Courses Are Taught and Learnt

EduPedia Features

Advanced AI Capabilities

  • GPT Builder:

    Professors can customize and create additional virtual TAs for various courses, tailoring the learning experience.

  • AI Powered Assistance:

    Answer questions, get aids for quizzes and assignment practices and get video transcription.

Seamless Integration

  • Data Sourcing:

    Keep content updated with imported course material from Canvas, OneDrive, Panopto, and other platforms.

  • Course Scheduling:

    Trigger new content alerts automatically to ensure courses are current and engaging.

Interactive Learning

  • Feedback Mechanism:

    Improve the learning experience with continuous feedback on answers.

  • Comparative Insight:

    Broaden understanding using virtual TA responses with internet sources.

Insightful Analytics

  • Track student performance, identify learning gaps, and receive tailored reports, which help teachers optimize their teaching strategies and boost student outcomes.

A Closer Look at How EduPedia Works

EduPedia Works

Empower Your Educational Journey

For Students: Whether it’s 3 AM study sessions or last-minute exam prep, struggle less and learn more with EduPedia.
For Teachers: Use actionable data to adjust your teaching strategies, ensuring each student reaches their full potential.

AI-Powered Virtual Teaching Assistants Outperform Competition

A study found students learning from a virtual assistant via chatbot increased their test scores by 99.5%

What Our Clients Say about EduPedia

“Since using EduPedia, my understanding of complex subjects has dramatically improved. The 24/7 assistance means I can get help whenever needed, which has been a game-changer during exams. It's like having a personal tutor always ready to explain things in a way I understand."
Alexa Young

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