Is your SFCC storefront ready to handle the traffic?

Agility & reliability matter in the world of the internet

Quite a few things may go wrong during development that could have consequences such as slow performance, slowly loading pages, not correctly functioning interactive elements, and overall customer disappointment with your site’s performance. That is why tracking, identifying, and troubleshooting any potential problems and bottlenecks is crucial, so that they do not become the reason for being behind the competitors.

It all boils down to optimization of resources, code, and process to deliver best experiences.

We can help to improve the performance of SFCC storefront and will make sure that your code and application are functioning in accordance with the highest performance standards and adhere to the SFCC best practices.

Other than focusing only on server-side performance to handle multi-user concurrent load, it’s essential to understand the performance impact caused at the client-side (browser) to render the web page i.e., the page loading time in the browser. A more substantial portion of time is consumed by the browser to load a page in comparison to the time taken by the server to process the request and respond.

We assess your application code to detect and remediate root performance problems, which impacts performance.

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Our Methodology

Identify & quantify

Identifying the areas which perceived to be slow.



We analyze the issue and then design a better approach or solution which adheres to the best practices of SFCC to achieve optimal performance.

Performance Tuning & Testing Methodology

Our approach which adheres the best practices of SFCC to achieve the optimal Performance

Performance Tuning & Testing Methodology
Importance of Site Performance
Importance of Site Performance
Benefits of Storefront Performance Optimization

Happier Customers & Higher Sales

Customers don’t want to wait for websites to load. Even a one-second delay can decrease customer satisfaction. By having visually appealing storefront with no performance hicups, we can keep customers satisfied and engaged, which will lead to rise in sales and conversions.

Improved Search Rankings

Google takes load time into account when ranking websites, so speed is a critical issue. Better load time is an easy way to help customers get where they’re trying to go faster.