Salesforce B2C Commerce Release 20.7 & 20.8

Written by Asif Lala

WCS Architect at Royal Cyber

Salesforce B2C Commerce is considered the leading & extensively used commerce module system around the globe. Salesforce B2C Commerce’s latest releases are version 20.7 and 20.8. The blog highlights the key features of the releases below:

Version 20.7

Page Designer

  • Create and Manage Dynamic Pages More Efficiently

    Dynamic pages are mostly implemented as Product List or Product Detail pages for which the content changes based on which category or product is rendered. In this version, you can create and manage these pages more efficiently.

  • Search For Pages Using Attribute Values

    Developers can specify what component or page attributes are indexed and searchable. Users can find pages by looking for the attribute value if attributes are searchable. For instance, users can search for the text configured for a rich text attribute.

  • Create Custom Page-Level Attributes

    Developers can define attributes for page types. A developer can build a page type containing attributes for the Title, Image and Description displayed in search results for the page. A developer can also define page attributes for page tags that allow merchants to search, sort and retrieve pages conveniently.

  • Easily See If Preview Setting Are Selected

    Page Designer now gives a visual cue to let us know when preview settings are configured.

Pricing and Promotions

  • Leverage Payment Methods As a Qualifier For Product & Shipping Promotions

    You can now use a payment method as a qualifier for all products, orders, and shipping promotions. Earlier only a payment method as a qualifier for order promotions was available.

Products and Catalogs

  • Missing Attributes Available For Data Product Endpoints

    The attributes valid_to (online_to), valid_from (online_form), tax_class_id, localized_tax_class_id, primary_category, and classification_category (category data via categories expansions) are now available from the DATA GET Products OCAPI Endpoint. You can include the attributes in the DATA PUT/PATCH products OCAPI endpoints.

Version 20.8


  • Basket Product Duplication Considers Product Lists

    When basket settings are configured to disallow or merge duplicate product line items, the system now considers product lists, such as wishlists, in addition to SKUs and inventory lists. When a shopper adds a product from a list to a basket, the system can only duplicate an existing product line item added from the same list.


  • ExportOrders Job Step Order Status Behavior Updated

    Three parameters on the ExportOrders job step have altered. The Export Status default value is now Ready for export & the created and failed parameters have been removed.


  • Improve Performance With The Parent Category Tree Element

    Now, the get category API has the parent category tree element. The element returns the entire parent category tree. The parent category tree element helps enhance performance by fetching the category tree path on the breadcrumb rather than making recursive calls to get the tree.

  • Work With Per-Unit Product Pricing

    Several OCAPI documents now have properties related to per-unit product pricing. The Data API and Shop API products and product_search resources absorb and return these documents.

Page Designer

  • Determine the Placement of a Page Designer Page in Search Results
    We can specify a boost factor in a searchable page or component attribute to affect the page's placement in search results.

Pricing and Promotions

  • Better Flexibility With Promotions Proration Exclusivity & Combinability

    You can now prorate select product promotions across all eligible products in a cart. This enhancement is accessible for amount and percent promotions. Enable this option using the checkbox that appears for applicable promotions.

  • High Scale Price Book Activation Shifted To Admin Feature Toggle

    Business Manager admins can use a feature toggle to enable or disable high scale price books. The high scale price books feature is intended for customers who import prices often and do not create or modify prices directly in Business Manager.

  • Enhanced Error Handling For In-Cart Promotion Evaluation

    If an exception is thrown during an in-cart promotion evaluation, the evaluation is terminated and any calculated discount is returned. This enhancement allows shoppers to proceed to checkout with all applied discounts. We also improved the validation process to minimize unexpected failures. All failures are logged in log manager.

  • Recent Product Attributes For Price Per Unit Feature

    We can now show two new product attributes for shoppers on the product display and product list pages - unit quantity and unit of measurement. These attributes allow shoppers to compare the value between similar products of varying quantities.

Reports and Dashboards

  • Evaluate Search Conversion Performance With The Search Conversion Dashboard

    Leverage the new search conversion dashboard to review how customer searches with results and searches without results impact orders and the order conversion rate on the site.

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