SubCom Enabler: The Simpler Subscription Commerce Solution

Increase brand loyalty and client retention through subscription services

SubCom Enabler: Subscription Commerce made simple

The Subscription eCommerce industry is booming. Is your business on board?

Subscription eCommerce allows you to sell passively to repeat clientele, regulate your revenue stream, and keep your brand front-of-mind for buyers. While subscription eCommerce has been on the rise for years, the 2020 pandemic has led to a surge in the industry. Now’s the perfect time to offer subscription services to your customers.

According to Forbes, the subscription box industry grew by 890% from 2014 to 2018.


Product Features

A customer can change the subscription selections anytime

Easy to integrate with any ERP systems

Easy to manage subscriptions from the subscriptions section in my account section

Easy to manage subscribed products through product catalog

Convenient payment configuration for one-time payment or recurring payments

Flexible promotion rules for subscription products

Promotional email / notification

How It Works

Commerce Product Work

Integrate with your current eCommerce Platform

Product Benefits

Plan Deliveries

Plan deliveries ahead to cut costs

Customer Retention

Better customer retention rates

Increased Revenue

Increased revenue

Predictable FInancial Projections

Create predictable financial projections

Cross Selling

Subscription bundling

Increased Conversion

Increased conversion rate

Integrate Analytics

Easy to integrate analytics

Make buying easy for your customers with SubCom Enabler, they can:

  • Select delivery Internals
  • Cancel or reschedule upcoming delivery
  • Change delivery intervals after order placement
  • Cancel subscription
  • Set subscription end-date
  • Ability to have multiple products with different frequency within a single order

Make managing your memberships simple for you with SubCom Enabler, you can:

  • Select Eligible products for subscription
  • Set discount rules of subscription (quantity, duration)
  • Set delivery frequency options
  • Set discount % for the subscription of each product
  • Send notifications prior to each delivery
  • Notify the customer if the product’s stock is not available for the subscribed quantity.
  • Async/Sync OMS Integrations

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