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Optimizely is an open, extensible platform providing consistent Digital Touch Points. With the need for going digital increases, so does the demand for a consistent buying experience. Connect content, data, and commerce platforms, enabling access to a seamless buying experience and better back-end connectivity for customers. Leverage Optimizely’s tools to accelerate KPI growth and enhance the overall digital experience for your company.


Optimizely is Named a Leader in the 2022 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Digital Experience Platforms (DXP)

Including Content Management, Personalization, Customer Data Management, and Analytics

Gartner Report

Optimizely DXP Product Solutions


Create, tailor and scale content and data with an industry leading Content Management System (CMS) built on .NET and Microsoft Azure. Compatible with any other programming language for a headless architecture, the programs access and work together to create and manage content that generates exception digital experiences for the company.

Key Features of Optimizely Content Cloud

  • Approval Workflows
  • Content Management
  • Media Management
  • Authoring & Layout
  • Search & Navigation
  • A/B Testing & Visitor Groups
  • Various Connectors for Integration Tools


Built to be scalable with deep integration capabilities and developed on Microsoft, .NET stack, organizations can run multiple shops, access inventory and have a catalog online and offline. Translate B2B and B2C processes into easy-to-deploy digital solutions to shape shopping experiences through technically enabled content, commerce, data, and order orchestration.

Key Features of Optimizely Commerce Cloud

  • Native Support for B2B and B2C personas and processes including personalization capabilities for customer segments and markets
  • Support a responsive framework for both website user and administrator
  • Built to integrate with various internal systems and third-party solutions
  • Search & Navigation
  • Various Connectors for Integration Tools


Use AI to test new features and personalize every touchpoint on any website, app, or digital experience that can be implemented onto any eCommerce or CMS platform and other digital experience platforms of the company. One of its most importance products lines due to its inclusion of several solutions include Web & Full Stack, Content Intelligence, and Optimizely Data Platform.

Key Features of Optimizely Optimization

  • Drive growth and KPI performance by leveraging experimentation
  • Simple implementation and integration for Web Experimentation and Data Platform to help validate and target customers
  • Run successful tests faster to deliver greater speed-to-value for brands
  • Adding Optimization allow the company to innovate and drive faster growth

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