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Digital health promotes digital goals.

The condition of your website’s digital health may be preventing you from achieving your goals. Even if you’re aware of this, you may possibly feel like the only voice on behalf of your ailing website. In the ever-changing and ever-evolving world of eCommerce, it is easy to get overwhelmed while making the right decisions to stay competitive.

We can help with that!

We believe that digital health is measured by the pillars of eCommerce – functional capabilities, technology infrastructure, and UX/UI excellence. Excelling in one or two of these areas is not enough it is the combined excellence of all three
components that generates lasting results.

Give Your
Site a

Improving your website’s digital health starts with our Digital Assessment – think of it as a checkup. Our team of consultants are experts in Business Analysis, Technical Solutions, and UX/UI who can quickly analyze your site’s functionality, technology utilization, customer journey and UI development. And we’ll prepare a report of our findings along with a prototype to show you what our suggestions look like.

Our Nine-Point Assessment


  • Functional Checklist – Do you have it?
  • Capability Competence – Is it fit for purpose?
  • Best of Breed Recommendation – How to improve it?


  • Performance – Fast enough to compete?
  • Search – Find or Flight?
  • Architecture – Right pieces, right fit?


  • Heuristic Evaluation – How is your UX?
  • Competitive Analysis – Do you stack up?
  • Frontend Diagnosis – Fast or frustrating?

Learn more about our Digital Assessment and how it can benefit you.

The Proof is in the Profits

It all sounds great but is a lot to digest. We get it and that’s why we have provided a few noteworthy success stories.

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    Augusta Sportswear Brands (ASB)


    ASB wanted to refine the process for product retrieval and configuration

    View More

  • null

    Improving Trade Customer Engagement


    With its headquarters in Australia, the client is a premier insulation company that manufactures and distributes a leading range of insulation products for thermal and acoustic solutions to the residential, commercial, and industrial markets.

    Watch Video
  • null

    Rent-A-Center (RAC)


    RAC wanted help with improving site performance and a capability to monitor performance through a dashboard

    View More


Customer Satisfaction is Our Priority

Royal Cyber came to us with a very personalized approach and with the entire collaboration and strength of the whole team. The high commitment the team had towards me made me feel like I was part of the team, they were extremely flexible and it has been a pleasure working with them!

Mathews Title

Get ( digitally ) Healthy!

You know what’s at stake. Businesses that are ready to ride the wave of digital adoption are expected to enjoy permanent gains. Don’t wait, let’s talk about getting your free Digital Assessment started.

Judge Us By The Company We Keep

Take a look at our associations, We think we are very good at what we do, and our partners seem to agree. The relationships we have been able to build over time are a source of pride.

Meet Our Digital Health Consultants

Anthony (Tony) Hyun I User Experience

He has over twenty years of experience in User Experience Design, User Interface Design, and Branding. He started his career as a Creative Director and UX Lead working on accounts such as Nike, Visa, to name a few. Later he moved to the client-side and helped influential brands such as AOL and Sears develop their digital strategies. He believes in the power of collaboration and embracing a human-centered design approach for all UX challenges.


Tony heads a global team of User Experience practitioners at Royal Cyber and is responsible for improving the quality of the user experience for all clients. Tony is the co-founder of the Royal Cyber Digital Consultancy initiative and remains a key contributor to determining the strategic direction.

Anthony Hyun

Gareth Nicholson I Business Analysis

Gareth Nicholson has over twenty years of experience in IT, entirely in the Business Analysis and Consulting domain. He first worked on an eCommerce implementation in 2000 and considers himself fortunate to have been employed predominantly in the field ever since. He has worked extensively for both vendor and client companies and possesses an excellent understanding of the challenges involved in both. He ardently believes in the ‘one team’ approach will break down silos within and between the project team and the business.


Gareth heads the global team of Business Analysts at Royal Cyber and is responsible for the quality of their performance. Gareth is the co-founder of the Royal Cyber Digital Consultancy initiative and remains a key contributor to determining the strategic direction.

Gareth Nicholson

Alfonso Azuaje I Strategic Consulting

He has over seven years of consulting experience in the digital space providing organizations with the strategic guidance for evolving their digital strategy and customer-facing environments. He started his journey as a business development consultant for technology companies and digital agencies, educating them on best practices for customer retention, acquisition, and how to cultivate a strong partnership and relationship with customers and technology partners. This path led him to working directly with clients, submerging into their business processes and goals, and assisting them in the planning, execution, and maintenance of their digital strategy and environments. He believes intentional communication, collaboration, and transparency are essential for building strong relationships within and outside the organization.


Alfonso is responsible for educating organizations on Royal Cyber’s Digital Consulting and technical capabilities and experience, and for facilitating the end-to-end engagement process.

Alfonso serves as the business and customer relations lead for Royal Cyber Digital Consultancy initiatives and remains a key contributor to determining the strategic direction.


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