Integrated Customer Experience using Salesforce Customer 360

Every brand is creating strategies where customers are at the center point of the business decisions. Customer-centricity is now the top priority of the retailers.

Salesforce has now come up with a new platform called Customer 360. It provides unified customer data from different other applications. It serves as a center point for all the other applications and pulls the relevant data from different platforms and clubs it in a single view.

Customer 360 is a click-based tool, admins can connect different salesforce applications easily. It also allows integration with external applications through Mulesoft any connect. Customer 360 allows organizations to have an entirely dynamic view of customer data that brings in detail together for service, commerce, marketing and more.

Disconnected customer data is a very common issue. We find that support agents or customer care representatives often do not have the history of the products purchased by the customer they are interacting with. All this happens because all the representatives do not have access to relevant data. This behavior is very much frustrating for the companies as well because customer needs consistency.

Customer 360 enables organizations to provide a unified customer experience. Below are the few key features of this solution which helps the organization to stay ahead!


Click-based Interface for Data Management

This allows admins to create connections between different salesforce applications and represent customer data under a single view for different connected applications. With this organization do not need to develop multiple APIs to share data. Customer 360 allows this to achieve by means of a few clicks.

Universal ID

Customer 360 generates a universal ID of the customer across all channels irrespective of the way the customers represent themselves- by email, name, contact number etc. Service agents, a marketing person can pull the data from commerce by the mean of unique ID and get the list of items purchased. This helps in reducing data duplication because it does not copy data but retrieve the data from the different platforms whenever required.

Pre-built Packages

It offers already designed utilities for Service, Commerce and Marketing that are ready to deploy and let the organization have a better experience in known use cases. Agents can see browse and purchase history from commerce. The event generated in marketing cloud by the activity in commerce cloud.


A customer fills up the cart and then abandons it and did not complete the order. Customer360 will trigger an event and add the customer in the Marketing cloud for offering discounted deals or coupons to encourage the customer to complete the order.

A customer wanted to change the order placed online. A support agent will then have the data of the particular customer from commerce cloud that what product is being purchased. So the order can be updated right away without accessing different channels to have the relevant information.

Royal Cyber

Witness the extremely connected customer experience with Royal Cyber by implementing Salesforce Customer 360. Royal Cyber will help you to connect and map customer records to enhance service, commerce and marketing performance by implementing Customer 360. This will lead to more loyal customers and a high customer satisfaction rating.


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