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e-Spirit & First Spirit

e-Spirit is a digital experience platform that creates and delivers inspiring digital experience across the buyer’s journey to increase engagement and grow revenue.
FirstSpirit is a digital experience platform introduced by e-Spirit to integrate Salesforce Commerce Cloud as headless e-commerce. FirstSpirit makes it easy to create personalized content – such as promotional banners, product teasers, shoppable images and videos, user-generated content & other types of vendor or third-party driven content directly within the SFCC environment with no IT involvement.

Content-Driven Shopping Experience

Enhanced product content by associating shoppable videos, images, text and user-generated content to tell stories that make the product catalog come alive.
Make the customer journey more attentive, anticipated and interesting at every touchpoint regardless of channel or device being used for true engagement.
Deliver more customer-centric and personalized content to the targeted customer segments at the right time using AI-powered features.
Gain insights into visitor behavior and interest, likes & dislikes using real-time vigilance tool with AI-powered analytics to guarantee better customer experiences.

e-Spirit with Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Easy Content Creation Globally

e-Spirit peerless CMS capabilities let your non-technical teams i.e., your business…

Accelerator Time to Market

FirstSpirit’s Starter Package for SFCC helps us create content-rich online stores

Consistent Buyer’s Journey

Edit and Preview any content using FirstSpirit Omni-Channel Manager, would ensur…

Omni Channel

The FirstSpirit hybrid CMS has headless capabilities, empowering content delivery…

Salesforce’s Einstein Capability

Apart from headless CMS capabilities, FirstSpirit also has access to all Salesforce…

Many of the features that FirstSpirit delivers, including simplified workflows and intuitive graphical user interfaces, helped us realize that FirstSpirit was the best solution for our needs. But what really sold us on using FirstSpirit was its usability and seamless integration with Salesforce Commerce Cloud.

Jean-Claude Cohen, Global Digital Platform Director for L’Oréal Luxe

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