Launch your Salesforce Site in a Snap

Written by Shelanne Augustine

Technical Content Writer

Royal Cyber’s SnapStart offers a fast and cost-effective path to Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Did you know that eCommerce sales grew by 14.6% in 2019, according to a survey by Digital Commerce 360? While the numbers are still out for 2020, we expect those numbers have skyrocketed due to the pandemic’s closure of shopping malls and storefront retailers.

Chances are you’ve already wondered how soon you can get your inventory online to boost your fourth-quarter sales. Here’s a secret: we’ve created a short-cut.

While launching an eCommerce platform can be a long process, our SnapStart program gives businesses everything they need to start selling online with Salesforce Commerce Cloud in as little as 4 weeks.

That means you can take advantage of the upcoming holiday season and the many shoppers who’ll be buying online in lieu of the busy malls.

What is SnapStart?

SnapStart is the perfect solution for busy businesses that are ready to launch their eCommerce storefront on Salesforce and need a platform that can grow with their organization. Our team has developed a packaged starting point that addresses the specific needs of most retailers, allowing you to skip long-development cycles and start selling quickly!

Already using Salesforce Commerce Cloud as your online storefront? Check out our latest Royal Cyber features and extensions that create better customer experiences.

With SnapStart, we’ve done the heavy lifting for you and included many features into our base offering. Unlike other fast-to-market programs, Royal Cyber’s SnapStart for Salesforce Commerce Cloud gives you all of the essential modern commerce features you’ll need, as well as:

  • Content Management

  • SEO Support

  • Customer Profile Management

  • Order Status Management

A full list of included features is listed below:

Why Salesforce?

If you’re selling directly to a consumer, you need an adynamic, feature-rich and scalable commerce platform; Salesforce Commerce Cloud is this and more.

Learn why everyone’s talking about Salesforce Commerce Cloud’s “Einstein” AI engine.

With SnapStart, you get the flexibility, predictability and security of Salesforce Commerce Cloud, with the support of Royal Cyber’s IT experts, neatly tied in a quick launch package.

How much does SnapStart cost?

With SnapStart, we’ve already taken the costly and time consuming leg work out of developing your storefront and produced a starter package that will get you up and running for over 40% less than a traditional implementation. You get everything you need to start selling fast!

Benefits of SnapStart for Commerce Cloud Packages

  • Meet Your Shoppers Online Anywhere

Build a multi-channel e-commerce presence quickly with a feature rich out-of-the-box solution.

  • Increase Brand Loyalty

Get true insights on customer behaviour, merchandise smarter and build loyalty.

  • Take Control of your Brand Experience

Manage and fine-tune your brand identity through customizable content and commerce.

  • Connect the Customer Experience

Get best-in-class B2C Commerce tools for acquisition, conversion and service.

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