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Salesforce offers world-class solutions to bring businesses and people together. With Salesforce technologies, you can implement the latest market trends & tools to accelerate business processes, and drive exceptional results.

Today, eCommerce is a multi-channel experience, personalized with AI and AR capabilities. Give your customers a connected and consistent shopping experience across all channels that they’ll want to relive again with the industry’s most powerful eCommerce platform.

Royal Cyber is a CREST/GOLD Salesforce B2C Commerce and CRM consulting partner as well as a LINK/ISV partner. We are also one of the approved and authorized Salesforce Composable Commerce Implementation Partners. We specialize in Implementation, Migration, Managed Application Support and Integration services and fulfil all your business needs from eCommerce and Middleware to CRM and Order Management.

Our Area of Focus for Salesforce Technologies

Salesforce B2C Commerce Cloud

Maximize your online presence with Salesforce technologies for B2C Commerce Cloud. Select an SFRA or Headless architecture; and ensure seamless shopping experiences for your customers across all channels.

Salesforce CRM - Sales, Service, Marketing, Data Cloud, Einstein GPT

Enhance customer engagements with tailored marketing through Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Accelerate sales and streamline service with Salesforce software for Sales and Service Cloud. Centralize sales, service, marketing, and analytics with ease.

Salesforce Composable Commerce

Experience seamless online expansion with Salesforce technologies for B2C Composable Commerce. Boost order conversions instantly with our implementation pathways, whether through Fully Composable or Composable Hybrid Storefront Architecture.

Implementing Marketing Automation using Salesforce for Improved Customer Experience
Salesforce B2B/D2C Commerce Cloud

Accelerate revenue generation with lightning-fast B2B/D2C eCommerce implementation. Tailor sites to industry needs, solving complexities with features like fast reorders, account hierarchies, and multi-region stores. Seamlessly integrate commerce data across Salesforce CRM.

Salesforce LINK Cartridges/Solutions

Page Designer Plus

Use drag-and-drop widgets to design your storefront pages with wide customization options and enhanced features.
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On-Demand Sandbox

Advanced visual dashboards to manage on-demand sandboxes with a transparent view of usage and operations.
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Save for Later

Deliver a seamless shopping experiences by optimizing the cart page and enhancing customer engagement.
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Product 360 View

Render a 360-degree view of products, using your 2D images, with spectacular image zooming capabilities.
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E-Gift Certificate

Help customers to buy online gift cards, enabling businesses to enhance their sales and conversions.
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Cart Sharing

Enable customers to share carts, save time, and boost conversions while maintaining security and privacy.
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Connect with customers, manage orders, inventory, and customer data from a centralized location.
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3D Configurator

Configure and visualize products with our Configurator, empowering customers to personalize their products.
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Live Streaming

Live Streaming

Offer immersive streaming experiences by delivering live and on-demand content, uniting customers virtually.
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Royal Cyber's Salesforce Quick Launch Packages

Launch your eCommerce storefront with Royal Cyber’s Salesforce Technologies Quick Launch Packages in 6-8 weeks with Out of the Box (OOTB) features available for Web & Mobile.

Salesforce CRM Services

Customer Satisfaction is Our Priority

We’ve been working with Royal Cyber and it has been a great experience so far. We’ve done a lot of enhancements and fixes to our Commerce Cloud, using Salesforce technologies, and we’re really looking forward to launching the new site. Keep up the good work, and looking forward to the future!

Brandon Maskell
Brandon Maskell
Director, Digital Strategy & Analytics

In the time that we have been working with Royal Cyber, we’ve found the Salesforce software and their team to be responsive, we really enjoy the people we work with, and we’re excited about some of the upcoming developments that they have planned for us!”

Anne-Marie Faiola
Anne-Marie Faiola
CEO and Founder

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