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Einstein’s Pattern Recognition & Machine Learning Capabilities

Salesforce Commerce Cloud Einstein, is an AI intelligence engine embedded in the e-commerce (commerce cloud) platform that does pattern recognition and machine learning based on data collected on each attribute of a customer’s end-to-end shopping journey.

It includes but not limited to analyzing browsing and search behavior, preferences, product data, order history, etc. in real-time and self-adjusts in providing personalized shopping experiences to each customer across all channels.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud Einstein

Einstein Benefits

Customized term completion & correction
Shopper recent search terms
Popular searches to inspire shoppers
Self-adjusting for real-time personalization
Auto-suggested search terms
Built-in AI products/tools
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Royal Cyber’s Einstein Implementation Services

Let us help you start up and configure Einstein to your business needs. We’re here to help you:

Evaluate your requirements/expectations, implement Commerce Cloud Einstein and merge it with your data ecosystem to give you the best detailed reports and recommendations.
Configure Einstein to meet your requirements for the datasets housed in your Salesforce App Cloud, using available connectors.
Make use of available connectors to bring data to Einstein from external sources, wherever applicable.
Develop custom connectors to bring data from external sources to Einstein, when connectors not available.

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Einstein FAQ

01. What is Einstein?

Einstein is an Artificial Intelligence-based mechanism that allows retailers to present their customers with personalized content based on their interests and past shopping history. Salesforce first introduced Einstein in 2016 and has since implemented its AI-powered assistant across Salesforce’s entire Cloud suite, including Salesforce Commerce Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, and Sales Cloud.

In SF Commerce Cloud, Einstein’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithm gets the data feed from B2C commerce customer data, browsing history, purchased items, and more. It then uses the data to personalize their shopping experience across the whole website.

02. What does Salesforce Commerce Cloud Einstein do?

Salesforce Commerce Cloud Einstein improves conversion by using AI-powered product recommendations to make your customer’s experience richer and more enjoyable.

Salesforce Einstein is embedded in Salesforce Commerce Cloud as part of the product, allowing users to collect customer data and create an end-to-end shopping journey unique for their shoppers.

Einstein analyzes browsing and search behavior, preferences, product data, order history, and more, all in real-time, and uses the Next Best Action component to deliver suitable recommendations to employees and customers at the right time.

03. How does Einstein improve apps?

Watch this video on Salesforce Vision:

Einstein makes creating apps simpler. With programs like Einstein Prediction Builder, admins can build out-of-the-box apps without fiddling around with code.

Einstein also has Deep Learning APIs, like Einstein Vision that allow your customers to search using images, instead of text queries) and Einstein Language, which uses Natural Language Processing better understand your customer’s search intentions. These APIs enable you to build AI-powered apps and offer your customers a robust shopping experience.

04. What are the prime features of Salesforce Einstein?

Product Recommendations – This feature utilizes machine learning to generate recommendations based on the individual experience. The primary goal is to provide the appropriate product at the right time. This recommendation leads to more sales as the customer will be getting the products based on their shopping experience and interests.

Predictive Sorting – Predictive sorting allows the retailers to automatically sort the order of the products displayed on the category or search pages. Products that are more relevant to the individual customer are displayed at the top of the product list. With predictive sorting, the shopper gets the desired product on that same page. This tool is especially beneficial for customers using mobile devices, considering mobility and screen size.

Commerce Insights – Einstein’s shopping cart dashboard allows users to analyze customer purchases and discover their most purchased items. Merchants can select items and uncover products that shoppers are most likely to buy. Merchants can then use this information to craft product-based sales and bundle purchase categories.

Search Recommendations – Search recommendations save customers from the dreaded “zero results found” search results. Instead of landing on an empty results page — often caused by incorrect spelling, regional phrases, and incorrect search terms — this process uses a search dictionary to filter site searches and customer search terms to generate synonyms. In case a customer uses a term that does not match any specific product, the site search results will populate with products matching commonly used synonyms, along with products that will likely attract the customer.

05. How does Einstein Analytics Cloud work?

In a recent study, Salesforce reported that 75% of customers saved their IT/Sales/Operations resources an average of 11 hours per month by using Einstein Analytics.

Benefits of Einstein Analytics

Customizable: Einstein Analytics conforms to your business needs, allowing you to target the KPIs that you’re most interested in

Built-In Analysis Tools: Einstein makes it easier to analyze your data faster and make changes to boost results

Clearer predictions: Score your leads using Einstein to predict sales outcomes better

Click here to read Salesforce’s 50 Ways Salesforce Einstein Analytics Can Improve Your Business.

06. How does Einstein Chatbot give customers a better shopping experience?

Salesforce Einstein Chatbot Webinar | Salesforce Einstein Chatbot Demo, Features & Implementations

Einstein Bots offer your customers immediate assistance, 24/7 on any channel, through your e-commerce storefront. Einstein intelligently provides solutions using predetermined system variables, or AI-generated variables, gathered by collecting information about your customers.

Through Einstein, your CRM data can interact with customers through chatbots, SMS Messaging, and voice-activated devices to book appointments, check order statuses or gather information.

Chatbot comes with the following benefits:

• Quick case deflection: Einstein match cases to suitable agents based on skillset using Einstein Analytics

• Reduced wait times: Chatbots answer questions 24/7, keeping customers happy

• Saved time for agents: Chatbots answer basic questions, freeing up your team to take care of their most pressing cases first

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