Accelerate Your IIB to ACE Migration with Royal Cyber’s I2AC Solution

IBM Integration Bus to App Connect Enterprise: More Than a Name Change

Are you spending significant time and effort migrating manually from IIB to ACE? Are you still using an out-of-support version of IIB or deferring your migration upgrade due to fear of migration pain?

What is I2AC?

A Solution by Royal Cyber Labs

Huge Productivity Saver

Migrate 4X faster!

Leverages IBM Transformation Advisor

I2AC Features

Simple to use, Multi-platform Support

One time setup to configure the solution

Supports both in place and extract migration

Support both Node level or EG level migration

Single click for backup and extraction

IBM TA Recommendation Report

Migration Summary Report

Support for MQ Object Migration

Nodes Names Retention

About Us

7 Reasons to Migrate from IIB to ACE

Leverage Multiple Deployment Topologies

Improve Developer Productivity

Get AI-Powered Mapping Assistance

Extended Connectivity with Smart Connectors

Leverage Hybrid Cloud Operations

Monitor Business Transactions

Most importantly: IIB v.10 support ends on 30th April 2022!

I2AC: The Ultimate Migration Solution

Automated Conversion

Our I2AC solution automates the conversion of IIB artifacts, including message flows, message sets, libraries, and mappings, to their corresponding ACE equivalents.

Compatibility Assessment

I2AC analyses your IIB integration assets, identifies compatibility issues, and provides actionable recommendations for a smooth migration process.

Customization & Enhancement

Our experts work closely with your team to tailor the ACE environment to your specific requirements.

Testing & Validation

I2AC includes comprehensive testing and validation procedures to ensure the integrity and functionality of your migrated integration solutions.

Training & Support

We provide training sessions and workshops to empower your team with the necessary skills to effectively utilize ACE.

Benefits of I2AC Solution from Royal Cyber Labs

  • Reduces Migration Effort by 80%

  • Simple to Use

  • One-time Configuration Setup
  • One-click Backup and Extraction
  • Supports in Place and Parallel Migration
  • Supports Single and Multi Nodes Migration
  • IBM Transformation Advisor Integrated
  • Built-in Report Generation
  • Reduces Nodes Creation Effort
  • Retains Node, Servers, and Artifacts names

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