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Maximize your store performance with new age composable commerce – Built on the guiding principles of MACH – Microservices, API-first, Cloud-native, Headless Commerce, commercetools is the forerunner of next-generation commerce that is well equipped to accelerate your commerce transformation. Royal Cyber has been an integral part of numerous projects that delivered transformative digital shopping experiences. Now you can benefit from our services.

Our certified commercetools developers are proficient with in the Headless implementations and help to design flexible & scalable eCommerce platforms. With over 20 years of experience in digital commerce, Royal Cyber is committed to building robust, smart and seamless stores using various eCommerce platforms.

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No Updates Required

Save time and resources on maintenance as commercetools handles all updates. Focus on what is essential for the business. All pricing plans are entirely transparent—no hidden costs.


Accentuate the front-end user experience and back-end functioning with rich customization options. Design intuitive interfaces that work seamlessly across all digital touchpoints.

Quick to Market

Launch storefronts quickly with a streamlined development process. A faster time to market and development efficiency helps to reap significant benefits for businesses.

Freedom to Experiment

Leverage the potential of digital storefronts by experimenting with a wide range of customization options to equip them with the best features and functionality.


A headless platform implements an agile and faster approach, making it easy to scale businesses.

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commercetools Built on MACH Architecture

Drive your commerce transformation with the most flexible, API-first cloud-native eCommerce platform

Cloud Hosted

The platform is hosted entirely on the cloud making your business highly flexible and scalable. It can be deployed faster and improves the speed and performance of your website


Headless approach allows to optimize and personalize the user experience and provide a seamless omnichannel experience. It enables businesses to remain competitive, get to market faster, and better conversion optimization.

Modular Architecture

Enabling both B2B and B2C businesses to meet the rapidly changing business demands and market expectations. It is cost-effective and has a quick turnaround time.

API-first Approach

Flexible APIs ensure effortless integration, providing endless customization capabilities. Businesses can leverage APIs to integrate different solutions or communicate with smart devices, ensuring time efficiency, improved ROI, and expand the brand presence in the market.

Royal Cyber?

Royal Cyber is a premium technology partner of commercetools with certified commercetools architects who are well-experienced and can provide you the best-in-class services. At Royal Cyber, we have commercetools Certified Developers and commercetools Certified Functional Architects providing 24 hours, onshore and offshore managed services, who are equipped to deliver solutions in as less as 2 weeks.

Royal Cyber

Customer Satisfaction is Our Priority

We engaged with Royal Cyber with a pre-business case. We worked with the architects to finish of the Hybris implementation. The deep knowledge, the cultural fit and the ability to bring depth to the different way of working with the teams, and bring real value to the customers. These are the key success factors we see from Royal Cyber.

Mark Phillips
Head of IT for New Zealand Distribution at Fletcher Building


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Frequently Asked Questions

01. What is commercetools?

commercetools is a next-generation B2B and B2C commerce platform built on the modern MACH principles – Microservices, API-first, Cloud-native, Headless Commerce. It is considered as the future of e-commerce that ensures performance, flexibility, and ease of use.

02. What is microservices infrastructure?

Microservices are an architectural approach that structures an application as a collection of services. The applications are loosely coupled, and so, changes to one application won’t affect the entire app. Amazon, Uber, Etsy are examples of businesses that use microservices.

03. Is commercetools open source?

No, commercetools is not open source. It has many tools and technologies published under an open-source license and offers 60 days trial period to explore the platform.

04. What is headless architecture?

In a headless architecture, the frontend and backend are decoupled. Business logic and functionalities (backend) are connected to the customer interaction channels (frontend) through APIs, allowing businesses to use the best available technologies for the content layer and commerce layer.

05. Does Royal Cyber offer migration from legacy/monolithic to headless platforms?

Royal Cyber helps businesses migrate to headless platforms from monolithic e-commerce platforms. This enables businesses to leverage the agility and flexibility of headless commerce and adapt to innovations and the best available solutions.

06. Which storefronts can we use with commercetools?

The frontend can be written in languages such as nodejs, Java, JavaScript, C#, Swift, and PHP. commercetools has default API calling classes and methods which help to build applications. Vue storefront can be used as Headless.

07. Does Royal Cyber offer commercetools development services?

Royal Cyber is a premium solution partner of commercetools. We have commercetools Certified Developers and commercetools Certified Architects with extensive, hands-on experience in B2B and B2C implementation. We have onsite and offshore delivery models ensuring on-time delivery and faster time to market.

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