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MACH (Microservices, API, Cloud & Headless) Architecture

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commercetools Built on MACH Architecture

Drive your commerce transformation with the most flexible, API-based cloud-native commerce platform.



These are stand-alone applications that can be individually designed & deployed by dedicated teams. Creating a network of these services enables flexible development and shorter release cycles.


This helps to tie together two or more applications. APIs transfer data fast and in a structured way. Companies can leverage APIs to integrate different solution or communicate with smart devices.


Scalable hosting infrastructure offered by businesses such as Amazon, Google or Microsoft, Instead of running and keeping their own data center, customers can access on-demand resource to run their applications.


A headless solution comes without a graphical user interface (GUI), it focuses on background processes & making data available to separate fronted applications.

commercetools has been named a “Leader” in B2C commerce in The Forrester Wave

B2C Commerce Suites, Q2 2020 Report

B2C Commerce Suites Report

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Royal Cyber

Commerce Solutions

Capture Life-Mobile Apps

Today’s mobile enabled customer needs a quick solution to view, interact & checkout with your product portfolio, avoiding long queues & complex payment mechanisms


e-Catalyst from Royal cyber, optimizes your customers retail shopping experience and help them save time, effort & money thus giving you a better recommendation.

Go Datafeed

Marketplaces can be a major driver of sales for online retailers, representing as much as 35% of online business. However, it can be challenging to ensure your product data is up to date and compliant on each marketplace.

Smarter Search
Solr can scales to billions of documents no matter where they’re stored or what file format they’re in.
Google Address Verification

This will help the customers when they are entering the address, it gives the suggestions and it gives the verified address.

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We have broad experience of delivering ecommerce projects across a range of industries for both B2C and B2B markets.

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