Complex Hybrid Architectures on Anypoint Platform

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Processes, and Application

  • Analytics
  • E-Business Suite
  • Mobile Application
  • Customize Legacy Application
  • Industry-Specific Applications
  • PeopleSoft
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Our MuleSoft ESB Integration Capabilities

SOA & Legacy Modernization
SaaS Application Integration
Solutions for B2B/EDI
API Gateway & Microservices

Mulesoft Capabilities

Integrating Salesforce and few other CRM systems using MuleSoft ESB
Migrating API/Integration platform to MuleSoft ESB from other competing providers
Design, deploy and analyze services and APIs, in a single platform
Tailor-made MuleSoft ESB connectors for your use cases involving software platform for which standard MuleSoft ESB connectors are not available
Comprehensive SOA/API/Integration Solution for on premise/Hybrid application/cloud based SaaS architecture
With AnypointTM platform to resolve connectivity issues across SOA, SaaS and APIs
Build and Change application network using tools and open standards in AnypointTM platform
Employing MuleSoft ESB AnypointTM connectors to quickly connect REST and SOAP APIs Legacy Modernization
Refining data quality & simplifying data cleansing initiatives, along with continuous data quality assessment and monitoring
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