Streamline Your Transition with WAS to Liberty Migration (W2LM)

The Liberty Advantage: Why Now is the Time to Upgrade

Are you ready to revolutionize your WebSphere to the cutting-edge WebSphere Liberty migration experience? Introducing W2LM – WAS to Liberty Migration Solution, a game-changing offering by Royal Cyber. Our innovative solution is designed to elevate your migration process, making it a seamless and efficient journey.


W2LM: Features

Simple to use, Multi-Platform Support.

Supports Both Binary Scanner and Transformation Advisor

One Time Setup to Configure the Solution

Single Click for Backup and Migration

Supports Both Server Level and Application-Level Migration

Change Recommendation Report

Migration Summary Report

Support N Number of Cluster Migration

Our Migration Approach

Transform your WAS environment to Liberty seamlessly. Optimize performance, reduce costs. Contact us for migration success!

  • Understand the existing WAS environment, including applications, configurations, and dependencies.
  • Identify the specific reasons for migration (e.g., cost reduction, performance improvements, feature enhancements).
  • Evaluate compatibility and support for applications on the target Liberty server.
  • Analyze the applications running on WAS to ensure they are compatible with Liberty.
  • Identify and address any dependencies or features that may require adjustments during the migration.
  • Set up the target Liberty environment, including the installation of Liberty server and any necessary runtime components.
  • Configure the Liberty server to match the requirements of the migrated applications.
  • If there is a database involved, plan for the migration of data from the WAS environment to the Liberty environment.
  • Conduct thorough testing of applications in the Liberty environment to identify and address any issues.
  • Perform functional testing, performance testing, and security testing as needed.
  • Develop a deployment plan for moving applications from WAS to Liberty.
  • Monitor the deployment process to ensure a smooth transition.
  • Implement monitoring tools and practices to ensure the ongoing health and performance of the Liberty environment.
  • Optimize configurations and resources based on performance metrics.
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