SubCom Enabler: How to add subscription services to your commerce platform with ease

Written by Shelanne Augustine

Technical Content Writer

If there was ever a perfect time to begin a subscription service for your e-commerce business, this would be it. Subscription eCommerce models allow you to sell passively to repeat clientele, regulating your revenue stream while keeping your brand front-of-mind for buyers. While subscription eCommerce has been on the rise for years, the 2020 pandemic has led to a surge in the industry.

Why? The pandemic has led to fewer customers are trafficking storefronts. Instead, they’re looking for consistent, reliable ways to ship their essentials to home. (Remember how frantic we all became over toilet paper?)

While Subscription Commerce is on the rise, finding the right model and software solution isn’t always easy.

What is a Subscription Model for E-Commerce?

Subscription Commerce isn’t a one-size-fits-all model. There are many different avenues you can take to repeatedly deliver your product or service to your customers. Here are a few of the most common models:

  • 1. Subscription Box - The subscription box commerce operates on the concept of discovery and delight. Start by targeting consumers to try a sample box filled with exciting products, then compel them to subscribe to regular deliveries. This model is perfect for personalized products, from hard-to-find international snacks to gourmet pet treats and toys.
  • 2. Subscribe & Save - The subscribe & save model allows customers to subscribe to the purchase and delivery of specific products in specified intervals, whether it be weekly, bi-monthly, monthly or yearly. The key is to offer discounts on these products in exchange for their brand loyalty. These are perfect for grocery items like diapers, shaving products, and grocery purchases.
  • 3. Membership - The business model provides membership packages, often in exchange for an exclusive set of privileges. This model is most used among service-based organizations. Do you have more to offer clients and want to give repeat buyers the VIP experience? This model may be perfect for you.
  • 4. Digital/Software – This model offers digital subscriptions in exchange for access to technological products on a computer or a device. These businesses leverage technology to invent new products, provide unique customer experiences, and offer functionalities that help customers. This is how many Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) companies operate.
  • 5. Media Streaming – This model offers video/music streaming or video/music-on-demand in exchange for a monthly subscription fee. The streaming subscriptions allow subscribers to stream over multiple devices via webpage or app.

We won’t tell you which membership model is right for your business, but we do suggest considering the platform you use to enroll customers and manage their memberships. Your platform should offer precise, easy-to-use membership management for both the business and its clientele.

Do you need to create a new site for your Subscription Service?

No. There’s no need to create an entirely new e-Commerce site to offer subscriptions to your customers.

While there are many subscription management platforms explicitly designed for repeat purchases, there’s no need to recreate your site to add subscription commerce capabilities.

7 Essential Features for your Subscription Management Software

If you’re launching a new subscription service to your customers, make sure your software has the features it needs to support you and your customers. Here are 7 essential features to expect from your service:

  • 1. Easy to manage subscriptions
  • 2. Easy to manage subscribed products
  • 3. Easy to integrate back-end systems
  • 4. Easy for customers to change subscription selections at any time
  • 5. Flexible promotion rules for subscription products
  • 6. Convenient payment configuration
  • 7. Promotional email and notification options

What is SubCom Enabler Solution?

Royal Cyber has created a plug-n-play solution that integrates seamlessly with any e-Commerce site that runs on these leading commerce platforms:

With this solution, your clients can:

Manage their subscription & its delivery intervals during the checkout journey and after their order is confirmed

Receive extra discount with their subscription, according to your promotion presets

Receive free shipping.

*All these features can be configured by you from the backend

How does SubCom Enabler work?

Integrating SubCom Enabler Solution with your website is simple. Try out Royal Cyber’s SubCom Enabler demo to see the solution at work, then let our team develop a personalized solution for your site. We’ll integrate your solution with your site in as little as 4 weeks.

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