Visual AI and Personalization in Real-Time

Written by Shamshad Azam

Manager - Business Analyst at Royal Cyber

Have you ever wondered why text-based search is still having the issue for every eCommerce site? The customer must remember the name or details of the product he wants to search online. If he fails to do so, the search engine or eCommerce website may bring forth irrelevant results.

For example, the customer might think of searching for grey running shoes, but the actual product description might be different, and the customer will end up getting the results of grey sneakers.

Visual Product Search

To cater to the vision of our customers, which is more visual-based, Royal Cyber has an AI-based visual search solution, which will allow customers to shop online as if they are doing it in a physical store. Customers will be able to find products in no time, but on top of that, they will be able to shop for a complete look. Our solution is easy to use and very natural. It will detect every pixel of the image, give all possible results first-hand, and empower the customer to select the particular item from the image to get more specific results.

AI Powered Visual Search

Visual search built with AI and machine learning capabilities helps the customer get easy access to all the products identified from the Catalog using their uploaded image.

It also "reads" images to identify color, shape, size and other properties, even text, to determine brand and product names. This offers an advantage over keyword-matched search.

With the Royal Cyber AI-based visual search solution, customers no longer need to try and guess the brand, style, or other product descriptions. For example, they could have captured a picture of those sneakers on the passer-by. Upload the image, and immediately find the same sneakers or ones like them — maybe even shoes you like better.

Enhance eCommerce UX with Visual Search

  • Click / Upload the Picture

  • Find similar products, shoppable items

  • Get the relevant results

Deliver Relevant Search Results through AI-Based Visual Search

Discover from Camera: Point the camera at the product and discover similar products from the site that removes the keyword search barriers and providing the customer with the real-time shopping experience.

Enhances product discovery: Easily identify different items in the picture. Customer search with a single image and gets multiple products and the results will have a complete look of an image(shop-the-look) will excite the customer to shop more. Also, provide the options to the customer to pick the product from the image to shop.

Eliminate Keywords: The users no longer need to know the product name or anything related to it, but an image. They can get a snap of a product they like the most with built-in cameras in cell phones and any other mobile device and upload it to have the results of similar products. It is that simple.

Our AI-Based Visual search solution will analyze the image to identify product properties, i.e., color, shape, size and other attributes, even text to determine brand and product names. This offers an advantage over the keyword-matched search, in which results are only as good as the searcher's ability to describe an item.

Social media Integration: On scrolling in any of the social media like Instagram, with integrated our AI-based visual search, which helps the customer to directly search the particular image from Instagram and get relevant results.

Cross-selling and inspiration: With our solution, we will be able to retrieve cross-selling products from the product image. For example, we will be able to retrieve images of the real outfits that showcase different items.

Improve the On-site Search Experience

There are loads of search filters to have on the web store to help users find their required products easily. For instance, we can allow users to search a product by its brand or manufacturer, or by an attribute. It requires the users to know the brand or an attribute of the product they are looking for.

The visual search has no such criteria. There is no need for the users to know the product name or anything related to it, but an image. They can upload the photos & get more precise and relevant product results.

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