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At Royal Cyber, we keep our clients ahead of the competition with personalized support and innovative tools. With over 20+ years of digital commerce experience and the trust of several Fortune 500 companies, we turn our experience into new opportunities and exciting products for our clients. Looking for a solution for your business?

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Benefits of Implementing a Headless CMS for Enterprises

Content is an influential driving force for all enterprises. Every business organization must have a robust content management system that enables marketers to publish content and deliver seamless customer experiences across different platforms.

Powering Digital Experiences with Headless CMS

People consume content every day. However, content consumption has drastically changed over the past couple of years. This dynamic shift has given rise to a headless approach to content management resulting in Headless CMS emerging as a trend in the digital content domain.

An Ode to Salesforce Commerce Cloud APIs

Do you want to build powerful eCommerce stores tailored to your business niche? Salesforce Commerce Cloud helps you create the kind of store you want. You can create headless commerce, drive in potential customers, include out-of-the-box features, and keep an eye on the metrics in real-time.

Leveraging Salesforce’s Outbound Messaging API

Salesforce rolled the Outbound Messaging feature within the Lightning Flow that requires Outbound Messaging API utilization. An outbound message in Salesforce is an action that sends the information to an endpoint or external service.

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