Go Global with Salesforce Commerce Localization & Multisite Management Capabilities!

Retail business is now totally transformed from the previous decades. Now we have customers worldwide. We have to target them according to their demands. In order to achieve this, brands are going globally to attract customers from different regions.

The challenge we face while going global is blending the business strategy with a platform that can help and facilitate the customization shoppers are expecting in different regions.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud has the solution to cater to localization which is a big demand of the retail business. Localization is to make your site capable of adapting to multiple languages, currencies and specific targeted marketing for different regions.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud has very rich localization features which can help in the global expansion of an organization. It helps in enabling localization in every aspect of e-store designing from the code templates to Business Manager.

In Business Manager, it allows values for multiple languages for the catalogs and other content. For code level, we can achieve this by means of property files. It provides internationalization, meaning a site built on Salesforce Commerce Cloud can be localized and configured in a way to fulfil the multiple needs of various regions .

Multisite management allows the creation of multiple sites and the management under a single window. With this, regional teams can develop sites accordingly with the reference point of global site (internationalization). This resulting in quick launches of regional stores within weeks. No need to wait for months. Moreover, the business manager interface also has the built-in support of English, French, Italian, Chinese and Japanese and will help to have local people in the merchant team to have more customized regional content.

Merchants can create multiple priced books defining price tags for different currencies for a product. Merchants can also create customer groups to target them for special offers and have groups based on locale, which will lead to more specific promotions and offers. Merchants can also create dynamic groups, upon fulfilling those criteria a customer is added automatically to that group. For example, a specific group can be made for customers spending more than $300.

Customer groups allow further segmentation to some of the below features of Salesforce Commerce Cloud:

  • Content slot

  • Campaigns and Promotions

  • Payment

Content Slot

Content slots are used to display dynamic HTML, products, content assets and recommendations. With the creation of customer groups the business team can create specific content slots.

Campaigns and Promotions

Retailers’ can create campaigns and promotions for specific customer groups.


We have different payment methods across the globe. There are scenarios when customers do not perform the checkout just because the payment method is not supported in the region from where they are purchasing. For such cases, we can include local payment methods for customers belonging to that particular region.

Royal Cyber can help you get started with localization

Royal Cyber helps the organization in its content localization, help in creating a localization strategy and support in multi-site management. This ensures a smooth future global expansion for organizations. Global expansion demands localization and exploring the markets of different regions. Salesforce Commerce Cloud internationalization provides a way towards smooth adaptation of localization. With Salesforce Commerce Cloud’s localization and multi-site management features, brands can excel their business by creating campaigns, contents and promotions based on regional needs.

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