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Together, with our especially engineers and architects, we will reshape your Cloud Strategies and take it to the next level in the simplest, most effective way. Royal Cyber’s “Self-X” brings in new age thinking into managing cloud operations.

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With cloud technologies you can work securely and inexpensively. The chances are very good that your company can benefit from migrating apps and services to the cloud. The introduction to the cloud is here as we offer companies worldwide with endless benefits.

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From Our Blog

Redis is the Ideal Database Engine. Here’s Why

Redis, which stands for Remote Dictionary Server, is a NoSQL database engine. It’s a fast, open-source, in-memory data store used as a database, cache, message broker, and queue. The project began when Salvatore Sanfilippo, the original developer of Redis, tried to improve his start-up’s scalability.

Terraformer: A Game-Changer for Cloud Infrastructure

Terraformer is that it is a Command Line Interface (CLI) tool to generate files from existing infrastructure. In short, it is Reverse Terraform that involves creating Terraform files from pre-existing infrastructure. Many industries face the challenge of integrating their existing infrastructure to Terraform script. The typical cloud infrastructure environment is highly complex, including VMs, storage buckets, PaaS resources, etc., already set in complex distributed architectures. While terraform has a function known as Terraform Import, the resource drain in manually configuring it is too expensive to pay in terms of both time and cost. And few teams have the privilege of starting from scratch when they wish to transition to Infrastructure as Code. It is this challenge of integrating existing resources in a timely and cost-effective manner that Terraformer seeks to redress.

Why Does your HCL Commerce Need Google Cloud?

E-commerce is just not about selling products online. It’s about delivering a better shopping experience that is seamless across all touchpoints and provides a more personalized experience across various business channels. But eventually, it is about doing more to leverage the power of your brand and present its value consistently to your customers and HCL Commerce provides just that, a powerful customer interaction platform for omnichannel commerce.

A Q&A on Event-Driven Serverless Architecture

Royal Cyber’s Cloud Enterprise Architect, Sumair Baloch helps us deep dive into the features that make Event-driven Serverless Architecture a class apart from other architectures and gives us an insight into its benefits, limitations, and everything in between! With a passion and hands-on experience working on GCP and AWS, Sumair has worked on projects on an Architect and Developer level utilizing cloud services to design and develop enterprise-level applications that integrate with different business flows and overall dynamics.

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