Innovating and Scaling your B2B Business with commercetools

B2B Business with commercetools

Innovating and Scaling your B2B Business with commercetools

B2B Business with commercetools

Written by Manpreet Kaur

Content Writer

September 20, 2022

commercetools is a leading global enterprise platform with advanced features and functionalities to leverage modern eCommerce. It is designed on MACH principles that include Microservice-based, API-first, Cloud-Native, and Headless, and facilitates the creation of customized solutions that cater to business needs.

With commercetools B2B solutions, you can deliver remarkable customer experiences efficiently by seamlessly connecting frontends and third-party applications to implement bespoke touchpoints that provide unparalleled freedom and flexibility.

commercetools is intuitive and powerful allowing businesses to scale endlessly and create a strong brand identity. It features a comprehensive catalog of APIs that can be used by B2B businesses to expand their reach and find out where they fit effortlessly. As the B2B domain keeps progressing with newer digital channels and touchpoints to drive engagements and deliver exceptional experiences, commercetools ensures this evolution becomes easy and impeccable. Developers can use over 300 APIs to design modern commerce solutions with high flexibility and consistency, reducing effort and maintenance costs.

The B2B Customer Journey

B2B buying processes are evolving rapidly and play a major role in revenue generation and customer loyalty. Previously, distributors were buyers’ primary source, but now businesses buy online and enjoy benefits of personalization. Therefore, it is time to focus on creating smooth, end-to-end customer experiences. API standards such as EDI and OCI enable ERPs to automatically communicate and collaborate to place orders, reducing human involvement.

B2B companies must move away from thinking digital is simply a commercial order entry channel. Instead, they need to see it as a driver of omnichannel, end-to-end customer experiences combining branches, distributors, salespeople, and contact centers seamlessly with the web.

Simultaneously, it is imperative to have robust commerce solutions that flexibly meet the growing customer needs. The most efficient way is to use a standardized eCommerce solution with integrated and modularized custom development to scale and improve business agility with complete freedom.

Challenges Faced by B2B Businesses


Staying ahead of competitors with a strong brand image


Personalized B2B relationships


Providing flexible payment options


Multifaceted procurement process


Continuous content generation and implementation of marketing tactics for lead generation


Controlling shipping strategies by considering factors such as quoting and real-time rating


Long and complicated purchase process


Managing delivery of large-scale products

Challenges Faced by B2B Businesses

Merchant Center

  • Helps control product data and product types
  • Manage business setup, digital channels, and touchpoints
  • Track changes with Change History (optional feature)


  • Gives a complete view of your business with interactive visuals
  • Intuitive, user-friendly interface

Product Information Management

  • Access product data with Product Information Management (PIM)
  • Add products, define product types and attributes
  • Include high-resolution images for products and their variants

Orders and Carts

  • Manage and track inventory
  • Synchronize orders, returns, and guest purchases
  • Cart Discount Rule Builder – Define discount rules, set rule-based promotions, and take advantage of advanced discount management capabilities
  • Perform all cart operations such as price calculation depending on factors such as shipping costs, tax, location, and product distribution channel

User Management and Permissions

  • Ensure easy user authentication with Single Sign-On (in beta) and manage multiple users and user groups

Custom Applications

  • Create custom applications to fulfill the desired purpose


  • Supports multiple currencies, locales, tax settings, third-party payment gateway systems

How Can Businesses Benefit From commercetools B2B Solutions?

Organizations can transform their business with commercetools and take the lead over the legacy eCommerce solutions. Improved workflows, easy maintenance, and transparency reduce costs and enhance productivity. You can build and customize components and remove the undesired features to deliver a customer-centric experience. Regular updates ensure you can work seamlessly and replatform in incredible ways.

commercetools allows you to enhance the potential of product data to display products seamlessly by augmenting data management and consolidation. It combines data for all products from diverse sources on a single platform, reducing the complexity of product catalogs. To derive significant benefits, you can also integrate commerce services and solutions such as smart devices, social media channels, B2B marketplaces, and virtual reality solutions.

Are you looking to explore the possibilities that commercetools offers for B2B? Royal Cyber is a premium commercetools partner and offers high-end solutions for all business models. Our certified commercetools experts deploy modern tools, features, and functionalities to create solutions that deliver customer-centric experiences. We put the right components together to design a digital ecosystem that grows with ever-changing customer needs. Contact us to know out how we can assist you in innovating and scaling your business.

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