B2B Composable Commerce Accelerator for commercetools

Offering Seamless Composable Commerce Solutions

Accelerating eCommerce Platforms for commercetools

Royal Cyber’s Composable Commerce Accelerator is a quick-launch solution that helps to get your business up and running online instantaneously. Build a solid commerce foundation by adopting a Composable Architecture while using the best components from a technical, marketing, analytical, and business perspective.

The Composable Architecture enables multi-channel retail capabilities along with maintaining unmatched flexibility for innovation. Our Accelerator expands on the cloud-native capabilities of commercetools by following composable commerce practices, pre-coded functionality, crucial integration, and intuitive UI & UX designs.

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The Solution

Streamlined Designs

Create a Customer Experience with Cutting-Edge Design Techniques and User-Friendly Features

Ready-to-Use Functionalities

Empower your Business Growth with Built-In Features Tailored for Commerce

Seamless Integration

Maximize the Efficiency of your Platform by Leveraging its Full Potential across all Touchpoints

Explore Our Commerce Stack to Streamline Operations for an End-to-End eCommerce Journey

Royal Cyber’s Composable Commerce Accelerator for commercetools

The ideal Accelerator for any commercetools’ platform looking to implement Composable Commerce to their system. The Accelerator empowers you to enable a next-gen eCommerce solution with the best-in-class technology partner of commercetools.

B2B Features of the Composable Commerce Accelerator


Benefits of the Composable Commerce Accelerator

  • Access True Multi-Channel Retail Capabilities
  • Built on Modern Tech Stack
  • Deliver Rich Content using Contentful CMS
  • Standard Backend Configurations
  • 20+ API Endpoints for a Driven Composable Solution
  • Cloud-based Microservices Architectures a
  • Essential Third-Party App Integration
  • Assistive Content Setup

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