Navigate Your Composable Commerce with commercetools Foundry

Navigate Your Composable Commerce with commercetools Foundry

Mahaveer Amudhachandran

Director of Technology – commercetools

January 17, 2024

In the fast-paced world of retail, adaptability is the secret to success. Enter commercetools Foundry, a revolutionary composable commerce adoption program that is reshaping the future of commerce technology for B2C retailers. Let’s explore what makes Foundry a game-changer and how it can navigate your eCommerce project seamlessly.

Unleashing Flexibility with Foundry's Blueprint

Foundry comes equipped with a comprehensive Blueprint tailored for B2C Retail, offering step-by-step guidance on solution architecture, project planning, discovery, demo flow, and more. Retailers can swiftly unlock flexibility, adapting to ever-changing market dynamics effortlessly.

Proven Best Practices for Optimal Results

Discover the power of commercetools with Foundry’s Best Practice Guides, providing focused insights on industry-proven strategies that maximize commerce potential and enhance the customer experience.

AI-powered Developer Assistants for Swift Onboarding

Calling all engineering teams! Foundry introduces AI-powered Developer Assistants to streamline onboarding, find quick answers to commercetools queries, and generate practical demo codes in seconds.

Ready-to-Use Store Launchpads

Launching your eCommerce store is now a breeze with Foundry’s Store Launchpads – pre-designed stores with frontend components, out-of-the-box integrations, and backend capabilities.

Expert Services for Seamless Integration

Connect directly with industry-leading knowledge through Expert Services. Foundry offers curated offerings to align commercetools expertise with your brand’s unique needs.

Rapid Deployment with Real Results

Based on proprietary data, businesses deploying Foundry experience deployment speeds roughly 30% faster on average, with some going live in as little as eight weeks.

What Sets Foundry Apart?

Traditional accelerators often provide rigid codebases that limit options. Foundry turns the tables, delivering:

  • Top-Tier Components: Choose from best-in-class solutions for frontend, APIs, and integration hosting to build your ideal commerce stack.
  • Clear Delineation: Focus on your business – Foundry handles the technical heavy lifting, ensuring a clear collaboration between your team and the platform.

Why Choose Foundry as Your Navigation System?

  • Comprehensive Support: Foundry is your all-in-one guide, ensuring you’re equipped with the knowledge and tools needed at every turn of your composable commerce project.
  • Seamless Integration: Effortlessly integrate our recommendations into your project, creating a harmonious and efficient workflow.
  • Accelerated Launch: With Foundry as your navigation system, experience accelerated project launches and get your commerce venture off the ground in no time.


Are you ready to embark on an eCommerce transformative journey? Whether you’re well-versed or new to the realm of composable commerce, commercetools Foundry stands as your guiding light. Explore the possibilities, overcome the challenges, and navigate towards success. Consider Royal Cyber as your strategic partner in implementing and optimizing commercetools Foundry for your business.

With Royal Cyber’s expertise, seamlessly integrate Foundry into your projects, unlocking its full potential. Our dedicated team ensures a streamlined onboarding process, utilizing AI-powered Developer Assistants, ready-to-use Store Launchpads, and Expert Services for personalized integration.

Witness accelerated project launches, heightened flexibility, and industry-proven strategies that propel your commerce venture to unparalleled success. Choose Foundry and Royal Cyber – a partnership that propels your composable commerce journey to new heights!

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