Integrating Contentful with commercetools

Written by Jeethu Augustine

Technical Content Writer

Content is at the heart of every digital experience. As companies transform into digital factories, they need to modernize their content operations to ship products faster and deliver a steady flow of content. At Royal Cyber, we choose Contentful with commercetools to make your digital journey fast and exciting. Using Contentful is a step towards building an experience-driven online store for your customers.

Why Did We Integrate Contentful with commercetools?

With the help of Contentful, a headless Content Management System (CMS), digital teams can gather content and deliver experiences faster. They can introduce new digital products, build new channels, and enter new markets with a steadily growing content platform.

Contentful is a fast and developer-friendly way to ensure that your applications have instant access to the content they are looking for. Contentful’s concept of the ideal content management platform is API-centric. So, regardless of what we are developing for wearables, smartphones, or web applications, the content is always just an API call away.

Contentful provides well-documented SDKs which can help you build reliable applications using any coding language. The SDKs provided by Contentful reduce a lot of coding efforts regardless of the technology you choose.

Contentful is a hosted or cloud-based solution built on a high-performance CDN architecture. This keeps your data secured.


The commercetools application for Contentful lets editors quickly add products, variants, and/or categories directly from their commercetools account and reference it in Contentful entries.

Products and categories can be previewed via the Contentful web application, thus simplifying workflows for content editors. This ability enables them to use the latest products and categories across retail sites and experiences.


  • An account with commercetools

  • A content type with a field of type short text


Step 1: Application Installation

  • Create a new commercetools ‘API client’ to acquire credentials that you can use with the application by following these steps on the commercetools website:
  • Log in to your account at the commercetools Merchant Center and select your project
  • On the sidebar, click on Settings > Developer settings > Create a new API client
  • Select ‘Read-only client’ from the scope presets dropdown and click the ‘Create client’ button
  • Store the generated client ID, API, and Auth endpoints as you need them for the app installation.
  • Fill in the credentials and endpoints in the commercetools installation screen.
  • From the list of available fields, select all the fields for which you would like to install the commercetools application. Select the picker widget you would like to enable for each field, depending on whether you would like to select a product or a product category.
  • Then, click ‘Install’.

This will modify the fields in the selected content types and change their appearance to use the commercetools application.

Step 2: Select a Product or a Product Category from commercetools

To reference a product or product category from your Contentful entries:

  • Navigate to the content page.
  • Select or create a new entry of the content type for which you installed the app.
  • Find the field and click “Select Product” or “Select Category”.
  • Scroll through the available Product or Category list for selecting what is necessary and save your selection. You may also search for a product by its name or SKU.

Business Benefits

  • Accelerate your digital operations and build multi-channel experiences with content delivery and management APIs, SDKs, and purpose-built applications.
  • Increase flexibility with a content management system that enables custom workflows while integrating seamlessly with other services.
  • Grow digital and content operations globally on an enterprise-ready platform that meets compliance and security standards.


Overall, using Contentful with commercetools, our team has built the best customer experience. Above that, this combination helps in quick delivery, uses minimal resources, and is very easy to integrate. With the help of Royal Cyber’s expert team, companies that are looking forward to transforming into digital factories or upgrading their online store have a great chance of doing so. Contact Us to know how we can help.

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