Create Modern Commerce Storefronts with commercetools’ Frontend

Written by Manpreet Kaur

Technical Content Writer

commercetools, a leader in headless commerce platform implementation, features Frontastic, a composable frontend platform that empowers eCommerce businesses to create engaging online storefronts and deliver seamless digital experiences. Built for headless, the commercetools platform frontend combines PSW delivery, no-code interface, and developer tooling to assist eCommerce teams in creating extraordinary online marketplaces. This blog covers all the relevant information about commercetools’ frontend, its features, and how it works.

The commercetools composable frontend features advanced technologies to create dynamic eCommerce websites and custom applications. It helps businesses launch their online storefronts, enter new markets, and launch their products and services, eliminating the need for a team of developers. Some of the primary benefits of commercetools’ frontend include:

How commercetools’ Frontend Works

Create a Tech Stack

The developers can create a tech stack with the help of standard integrations for content, search, commerce, and connectivity for APIs.

Build the Frontend

The frontend development environment contains the following

  • A CLI to control components
  • A built-in workflow to move from development, test, and production phases
  • A starter kit for the early setup

Control the Website

The commercetools platform frontend features an intuitive interface allowing the developers to create pages and manage layouts, navigation, and components. The real-device-preview button gives a preview live in the web browser.

Optimize Performance

The frontend provides a high-performance Progressive Web App (PWA) with an app-like user experience. In addition, the server-side rendering offers quick loading of SEO-friendly pages.

Features of Frontastic

The Frontastic frontend contains reusable building blocks and tools to create immersive eCommerce websites. Some of the prime features of Frontastic are


The API hub establishes a connection between the Frontastic components and data. It offers a better way to query all the information in the technology stack. The developers can connect Frontastic to the preferred headless commerce service using Typescript/JavaScript, GET and POST methods, and other APIs. The data is orchestrated from the backends with the help of APIs, ensuring an impeccable sync and reducing poor performance.

Developer ToolKit

The developers can quickly start online storefront development with built-in components for various use cases such as cart, checkout, product listings, and details page. Ready-to-use extensions are also available.

Frontend Delivery

Frontastic includes enterprise-level SLAs that lay the foundational agreements, thereby ensuring the safety and security of your website. The application performance is regularly monitored to track loopholes, if any.

Frontastic Studio

The Frontastic Studio includes the following components

commercetools’ frontend is a pioneer in the new age of composable commerce and enables businesses to establish online marketplaces worldwide by reinventing eCommerce. Royal Cyber is a premium solution partner with commercetools certified experts who are equipped to deliver state-of-the-art solutions to transform digital experiences. Are you looking to design amazing frontends? Contact us to learn more!

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