Social Commerce & Analytics

Portray your Brand to a

Larger Segment via Social Platforms

Social Media helps in the online buying and selling of products and services. With billions of users worldwide who use it daily, it is highly influential and plays a huge role in a user’s shopping behavior. Instagram and other social media platforms acknowledge the interest of users who want to shop while browsing pictures.

Most Common

Social Commerce Features

Buy buttons within social media posts
Shoppable posts and stories
Peer-to-peer buying and selling
Ads on social networks including call to action redirecting to e-commerce sites
Social commerce plugins and apps

How does Social Media Influence a

User’s Purchase Decision?

75% users buy a product after seeing it on social media
87% customers take help from social media to decide what to buy
25% users take opinion from social media before making an apparel purchase
90% followers try to reach out to brands via social networks
71% purchase products based on the positive review of a brand on social media
9.5% increase in a product’s price as a direct impact of positive reviews
59% customers in the US think that customer service through social media provides better service

The Challenges to be Addressed while Listing Products on a Different Channel

  • Retaining the correct format of the product while exporting the product from a website and sending it to social media
  • Ability to manage the product inventory, optimizing, monitoring, and actioning the results
  • Making sure that the products are serving without errors while constantly optimizing performance
  • Ensuring that the products advertised are not out of stock


Royal Cyber has the expertise to manage the Social Media Product Listing, contributing to a significant improvement in performance

  • The product data, in the correct format, must be sent to the social media platform
  • Optimize, monitor, and action the results on a large inventory of products
  • Advanced feed management to be performed
  • Ensure the images are seamlessly padded for the respective social media platform
  • Timely notification and fixing of any errors or disapprovals
  • End-to-end support, 24/7

Use Case

How does a User Buy Products on Instagram?

  • Tap on a shopping product tag
  • “Checkout on Instagram” option will appear
  • Enter information, such as payment method, shipping address, billing information and email
  • Place Order