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HCL Commerce

HCL Commerce, formerly IBM Websphere Commerce (WCS), is a unified platform that provides matchless, omni-channel ecommerce experience to both B2B and B2C customers.

HCL Commerce V9 is an AI-enabled, lightweight version with a cognitive, customer-centric approach that provides an enhanced shopping experience.

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Client Stories

Royal Cyber’s Commerce Solutions

Go Datafeed

GoDataFeed optimizes your feed for multiple engines, categorizes the merchandises and ensures that your listings go live on the comparison engines.

Address Verification

The Google Address Suggestion Widget from Royal Cyber is thoroughly tested and compatible with HCL Commerce Feature Pack 7 Fix Pack 8.

YouTube Widget

YouTube widget for HCL Commerce helps retailers engage shoppers with more immersive & intuitive experience through video marketing.


Customer with smart phone within surrounding of beacon retail stores will be connected with retailer app.


Ecatalyst is a proprietary product which can be integrated with ecommerce software’s like Hybris, Magento etc.

Virtual Audio Chat

Ecommerce solutions can easily be enriched by providing Virtual Audio Chat. The use of voice search through personal assistants.

Native Mobile App

The fastest, most reliable and responsive experience to users, which is likely to please the users due to the way it can cope with each app’s UI/UX resolutions.

Lightweight Storefront

Single page web application created using AngularJS & NodeJS which provides the fastest shopping experience for customers.

Loyalty Rewards

Royal Cyber’s Loyalty Rewards helps you design & manage innovative as well as customized loyalty programs. Retain customer with increase in sales.

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