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Fuelled by the current situation, there has been a demand for an optimized and personalized shopping experience, which HCL Software provides with ease through its portfolio synergy that includes HCL Commerce, HCL Unica, and HCL DX. HCL Commerce, formerly WCS Commerce, ensures deep business impact through an increase in conversion and customer satisfaction and retention by providing its customers best-in-class shopping experiences.

HCL Commerce

We help businesses deliver multi-channel strategies, implement best-in class features, and provide insight-driven solutions to enhance your digital capabilities.

Unica Discover

Deep visibility to capture and analyze user behavior, allowing businesses to provide optimized experience that will improve conversion.


A complete framework that can manage all your websites and content and provide digital experience that fuels businesses worldwide.

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I would like to take the opportunity to thank the team working behind the scene, for their hard work and dedication. The new AI Search powered by Search Spring is LIVE now. We are the first WCS customer to implement Search Spring. Awesome Teamwork guys.

Debee Khadanga

Debee Khadanga
Director of E-Commerce Systems at ASB

Enhance your Potential, Enroll in our HCL Commerce v9 Training

Our 5-day, web-based training program on v9 essentials will introduce you to the architectural and technical upgrades on the HCL Commerce v9 platform.

Learn how to use HCL Commerce v9 to quickly innovate and provide a seamless shopping experience through our v9 Distance Learning Course.

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Why Does your HCL Commerce Need Google Cloud?

E-commerce is just not about selling products online. It’s about delivering a better shopping experience that is seamless across all touchpoints and provides a more personalized experience across various business channels. But eventually, it is about doing more to leverage the power of your brand and present its value consistently to your customers and HCL Commerce provides just that, a powerful customer interaction platform for omnichannel commerce.

Choosing the Best eCommerce Platform: The Ultimate Guide

The eCommerce industry was expected to increase by 4.4% but has instead grown by 18.4% over the past year, making eCommerce one of the most profitable and sought-after industries to be associated with. To be a part of this industry and benefit from its growth, the next steps involve selecting the right eCommerce platform for your business or upgrading your current platform to ensure a maximum return on investment.

HCL Commerce v9 to Match the Evolving Customer Demands

With the advancement in media and technology and ease of accessibility granted by the internet, it has become essential to evaluate and understand your customer’s intentions to reap profits.

What is New in HCL Commerce v9.1.4?

Adapting to the post-pandemic shift in customer requirements, all ecommerce platforms are scaling up their features to help businesses successfully improve their offerings and boost sales. The new features and enhancements of HCL Commerce v9.1.4 will help businesses exceed customer demands, supporting your business tackle and prioritize the need of the hour – enhanced and personalized customer experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

01. What is HCL Commerce?

HCL Commerce is a commerce solution that is customizable, scalable, and has high availability. It is a single unified platform that allows B2B and B2C commerce efficiently and intelligently. Its cloud-friendly technology allows effortless deployment and operation.

02. What are the features of HCL Commerce?

HCL Commerce has many new and innovative features that make it one of the best ecommerce platforms. Its most interesting features include ElasticSearch with NLP capabilities, React-based B2B and B2C storefronts with integration to DX, JPA architecture, multi-cloud capabilities, and much more.

03. What is new in HCL Commerce Version 9.1.x?

The new features of HCL Commerce V9.1.x include ElasticSearch replacing Solr, NLP capabilities, B2B and B2C storefronts, Google Analytics integration, improved DAM and CMS capabilities, enhanced management centre tools, extended cloud-native capabilities, Google analytics pre-tagged storefronts, improved insights from HCL Discover.

04. Why are we excited about the New HCL v9.1?

V9.1 is the first version released since HCL acquired IBM WCS in 2019. With its micro-service approach, cloud commerce capabilities, enhanced AI proficiency, and ensuring the best omni-channel experience, HCL Commerce customizes brand experience and ensures to meet the evolving online shopper demands.

05. How to migrate to HCL Commerce?

We provide fast-track migration services for those who want to migrate HCL Commerce from any other platform. Our 3-phase migration process includes planning, practice and product migration. As a first step, interested customers can sign into a three-weeks v9 migration assessment and fit-gap analysis.

06. How does HCL Commerce v9.1 accelerate change?

The prime focus of HCL Commerce is to provide – World-class experience, Optimized Merchandising, and Cloud-native commerce. HCL Commerce provides seamless customer engagement across any digital touch-point through its improved and futuristic features.

07. What is HCL Commerce Managed Services?

HCL Commerce managed services include regular platform audits, alerts, and availability of HCL Commerce developers to fix issues and add enhancements. Royal Cyber offers 24/7 onshore and offshore support with limited downtime.

08. Does Royal Cyber conduct HCL Commerce training?

Yes, Royal Cyber conduct HCL Commerce training. The training we offer include:

09. What is HCL Commerce GCP integration?

HCL Commerce is a cloud-native Commerce platform, and Google Cloud is the preferred cloud platform for HCL Commerce, enabling multi-cloud and hybrid-cloud deployments of HCL Commerce. Royal Cyber has GCP-HCL implementation capabilities where our clients can leverage the advantages of Royal Cyber’s GCP script.

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