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SAP Commerce Cloud (Hybris) has been focused on delivering additional benefits in each new release to help customers gain productivity.

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01. What is SAP Commerce?

SAP Commerce Cloud is a fast and flexible omni-channel commerce platform for B2B and B2C businesses. SAP Commerce Cloud makes digital commerce simpler with mobile, order management, customer service, web content management, merchandising, and more

02. What is SAP Hybris Commerce?

You may have heard the terms “SAP Commerce” and “SAP Hybris” used interchangeably. Hybris is a German omni-channel, product content management software that was purchased by SAP in 2013. Since then, SAP Hybris has been amalgamated into SAP Commerce Cloud, making the platform more powerful than ever.


SAP Hybris Commerce integrates all digital and physical customer touchpoints onto a single and robust platform including online, mobile, point-of-sale, call center, social media, and print. It empowers to deliver exceptional, seamless customer experiences across industries.

03. Is SAP a Good e-commerce Solution?

SAP Commerce Cloud is among the leading commerce platforms on the market today for B2B enterprises. In fact, SAP Commerce Cloud was named a top performer by Forrester Wave’s B2B Commerce Suites Q2 2020 Report.

04. What is SAP Spartacus?

Spartacus is a free JavaScript storefront for SAP Commerce Cloud. Spartacus’s headless structure allows SAP to pull products and content from the back-end as needed. This has a number of benefits, including offline browsing, flexible design and easy upgrades for developers, and SEO support.

05. What is SAP Managed Services?

SAP managed services include regular platform audits, alerts, and access to SAP Commerce developers to fix issues and add enhancements. Royal Cyber offers 24/7 onshore and offshore support with limited downtime.

06. How do I get started with SAP Commerce Cloud & SAP Consulting Services?

Start with Royal Cyber’s 2-week complementary assessment to make sure SAP Commerce Cloud is right for your business. During this assessment, we’ll assess your existing functionalities and their impact, and do a fit-gap analysis before producing a detailed assessment report, full of recommendations for your business.


Royal Cyber’s SAP experts are available for one-time consultations and ongoing support. We offer performance-tuning services to optimize the website for excellent performance in a cost-efficient way by analyzing your Hybris site thoroughly and providing a free report on performance related issues.

07. What are SAP Integrations?

SAP Commerce Cloud comes with built-in integrations that connect your platform with SAP’s products:

  • SAP Customer Data Cloud
  • SAP Digital Payment
  • SAP Marketing Cloud
  • SAP Service Cloud
  • And more…

SAP Commerce Cloud also integrates with Royal Cyber’s exclusive Product Lab solutions, including Chatbot, AI-Powered Site Search, and SubCom Enabler subscription commerce solution.

08. What is an SAP Trusted Advisor?

The term “SAP Trusted Advisor” means that we are a trusted referral partner of SAP Commerce Cloud and are platform service experts with the skills and knowledge to help you get the most out of your SAP Platform.

09. What are SAP Accelerators?

The SAP Commerce Accelerator is a ready-to-use omnichannel solution that you can use to speed up execution, boost sales, and increase growth across all your channels. Accelerators combine platform functionality and modules, typically matching 80% of customer requirements. These “pre set-up stores” allow for less time to go live. Accelerators also have ready-made storefronts that can be easily adapted and rebranded to suit customer needs.

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