Visual Search Solution

A shortened path from search to order conversion
Easy product discovery
Delivers where text search fails
Visual Search Bag

Why Visual Search?

It is not easy for the customers to find the exact product on the site if they do not know the details. Usually, vague search terms come to mind when trying to guess the exact search terms to find the product.

Visual search is the way forward.

To address the text-based search problem, Royal Cyber has come up with an AI-based visual search solution that gives customers the ability to shop online as if they are doing it in the physical store. Customers can find products in no time and on top of that, they can shop for a complete look.

Visual Search

How Does It Work?

Visual Search works

Product Features

Discover from Camera

Simply point the camera at the product and discover similar products from the site.

Discover from Camera
Enhanced Product Discovery

Enhanced Product Discovery

Customer searches with a single image and automatically, it will identify different items in that image and bring relevant results.

Enhanced Product Discovery

Eliminate Keywords

Users no longer need to know the product name or anything related to it, but an image.

Eliminate Keywords
Cross selling and inspiration

Cross-Selling and Inspiration

Retrieve cross-selling products from the uploaded image.

Cross selling and inspiration

Social Media Integration

Helps the customer to directly search the particular image from social media e.g. Instagram and get the relevant results.

Social media

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