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Data insights are the trending need, and organizations rely on multiple vendors for multiple technologies.
From developing your data strategy to implementing, optimizing, and maximizing your data investment, Royal Cyber’s end-to-end Big data analytics solutions provide custom data and analytics that harness your data and drive pragmatic results.

Data Analytics

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Ongoing analytics reports on important metrics, predictive models to forecast, build dashboards, and much more. Book your FREE consultation with our advanced data analytics team and get custom data analytics services.

Data Analysis Use Case in Supply & Retail

Proactive & Precise Decision-Making Through Predictive Analysis

A large MNC invoicing more than $45 billion of its products found it back-breaking to align the supply and retail operations.


  • They were resource-constrained
  • Find a tool that could automate all the modeling and forecasting steps to equalize the products’ supply and demand and predict the sell-out volume.


  • By leveraging Data Robot’s automated ML platform, predicting the sell-out volumes happened a lot faster with more accurate outputs.
  • The model-building process was automated & accelerated from 4 weeks of creation time to just three days.
  • The customized model fueled the company’s growth, efficiency gains, and decisions are now made more proactive and precise.
Supply & Retail

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