Move to Mule 4 with a Risk-free Upgrade

When to Migrate?

There can be several reasons for you to start thinking of upgrading to the newest version of Mule. Some of them are:

The Mule version you are using reaches End-of-Support or End-of-Life.

Making significant updates to the existing applications.

Take advantage of key Mule 4 capabilities.

Upgrade all your apps to Mule 4 in one version.

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Why Migrate?

Running applications and data on unsupported versions can slow down the delivery for your business and managing multiple versions of the runtime is painful. While the effects of ignoring the end-of-support may seem less daunting than migrating, it is an excellent opportunity to transform your applications and infrastructure, and take advantage of the features and improvements introduced in the most recent versions of Mule, and benefit from

  • Decreased complexity

  • Improved productivity & performance

  • Optimized cost

  • Faster delivery

  • New connectors that would only run on Mule 4.x runtime

  • Lesser business impact

  • Accelerated speed-to-value

Our Unified Migration Approach

Discovery Migration QA Live
Assessment Platform Setup Functional Testing 24/7 Support
Code Analysis Automated Migration Performance Testing
Migration Strategy Manual Migration Regression Testing
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How to upgrade without disruption?

  • Involve experts to leverage advanced capabilities.
  • Plan carefully, allocate time and resources.
  • Migration of many APIs might take months and at a high cost, so plan the upgrade well in advance.
  • Take an iterative approach running both Mule versions in parallel where possible.

What is Part of Free MuleSoft Upgrade Assessment?

As part of the Royal Cyber assessment of the existing MuleSoft Application upgrades, we will identify the assets that need migration.

  • Identify how long it will take to do the version upgrade.
  • Calculate the scope of migration for on-premise instances using the Runtime Manager.
  • Assess the compatibility with Runtime Engine.
  • Evaluate the target Mule Version for the new application.

In short, we will understand the entire quantum of work and provide a quote for the upgrade in a seamless manner without affecting the business timelines.

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