Anypoint Runtime Fabric Holistically Supported by MuleSoft

Scale Horizontally with Ease

MuleSoft Anypoint Runtime Fabric is a container service that automates the deployment and orchestration of Mule applications and API gateways. Runtime Fabric runs in a customer-managed infrastructure such as node/ virtual machines (VMs), and bare-metal servers or on Cloud Infrastructure such as Azure & AWS.

Application Networks

What you can do with Anypoint Runtime Fabric

Anypoint Runtime Fabric automates cloud benefits to your on-premises deployments, whether in data centers or on a private cloud.

Deploy Anywhere with Flexibility

Deploy APIs and integrations as applications on clouds, virtual machines (VMs), and physical servers. Change deployment aims to use a few clicks without redesigning applications.

Automation and Orchestration

Use Runtime Fabric, built on Docker and Kubernetes, to orchestrate and automate deployments out-of-the-box — without the need of any additional technical know-how.

Cloud Benefits On-Premises

Deploy mule runtimes on your infrastructure, scale horizontally, increase reliability through isolation between applications, and redeploy applications with zero downtime.

Centralized Management

Manage all deployments in the cloud or data centers, using a single web interface within MuleSoft’s anypoint platform.

Runtime Fabric Offers Two Types of Deployment

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Runtime Fabric Architecture

Runtime Fabric Architecture

A Typical Production Setup for Runtime Fabric Looks Like

Runtime Fabric Looks Like

A Few Capabilities of Anypoint Runtime Fabric Include

  • Isolation between applications by deploying a Mule runtime that is distinct per application.

  • Capacity to run multiple versions of Mule runtime on the same set of resources.

  • Scaling applications across multiple replicas.

  • Automated application fail-over.

  • Application management with Anypoint Runtime Manager.

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