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What is CloudHub 2.0?

CloudHub 2.0 by Anypoint Platform is a containerized managed cloud service that allows businesses to deploy MuleSoft applications on cloud platforms. With CloudHub 2.0, businesses can run cloud-native, multi-cloud integration applications, create new highly scalable and available APIs, and integrate on-prem apps to cloud services to access premium platform services.
Royal Cyber, a leading MuleSoft partner, is here to help you transition from CloudHub 1.0 to 2.0, which will help you tap into exceptional growth opportunities and improve operational efficiency. Our team will guide you through the process to ensure a smooth and hassle-free experience.

CloudHub 2.0 Architecture Overview

Migrate from Service-Oriented Architecture Based Platform Services

Service-Oriented Architecture Based Platform Services

Benefits of Migrating to CloudHub 2.0

Why Companies Should Migrate to Anypoint Platform's CloudHub 2.0

Time to Value

Cloudhub 2.0 provides various new features to meet the current demands of a fast-paced environment to deliver maximum availability.

Fully Managed

As a fully managed integration platform, CloudHub 2.0 enables DevOps to manage and modify the applications from one single plane view to access.

Intelligent Healing

With intelligent healing, one can effortlessly deploy replicas without worrying about crashes due to potential hardware incapabilities.

Global Availability:

Cloudhub 2.0 is available across 12 regions, making deploying applications more reliable.

Secure and Compliant

Cloudhub 2.0 provides a secure encrypted platform to protect the applications and the data, ensuring that no unauthorized parties can perform actions or read the data.

Lightweight Isolation

Lightweight container-based isolation ensures that application performances scale fast enough.

Less Overhead

The streamlined operations such as ingress, auto-scaling, and Statics IP management reduce overhead for developers.

Dynamic Scalability

Increase replicas to achieve horizontal and vertical scaling by increasing vCores size.

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