Streamline API Requests with MuleSoft DataGraph

Accelerate Innovation by Consuming APIs Faster

Anypoint DataGraph lets customers innovate faster by consuming data from many APIs in a single request. This will enable developers to reuse those APIs simultaneously without writing multiple API requests and custom code to parse through long responses.

APIs Faster

Data Graph Approach for Self-service Reporting

Anypoint DataGraph Helps You

Unify APIs Into Robust Data Services:

  • Merge APIs into data services with no code
  • Serve data from multiple APIs rapidly by securely sharing data services

Consume Several APIs In a Single Request:

  • Focus on application logic without knowing the complexities of the data service
  • Query the data service with a specific, visually built GraphQL schema

Reach New Levels of Productivity:

  • Developers do not write custom code to parse data from several APIs
  • Data services are deployed as a SaaS app — no patching or maintenance for IT

Advantages of Anypoint DataGraph

Consume the data from several APIs using one request.
Request the data you want, nothing more, nothing less.
Reduce maintenance and development efforts.
Anypoint DataGraph is a managed service, and not necessary to worry about maintenance and infrastructure.
Developer need not write the code to parse the data from various APIs.
Anypoint DataGraph is managed service with no maintenance or patching for IT.
Unify the several APIs into a single data service. Using Anypoint DataGraph, you can serve data from various underlying APIs within a single request without any code.

Performance Monitoring Suite

With a single UI, it is feasible to trace the query response time and logs, guaranteeing to evaluate the performance of query or API request and meets expected SLA’s.

Authentication Mechanism

The monitoring tools visualize response time throughout the data retrieval process and identify bottlenecks in the workflow.

DataGraph supports the list below of Authentication mechanisms while calling underlying APIs:

  • Basic Authentication

  • Client Id Enforcement via Headers

  • Client Id Enforcement via Query Params

  • Custom (Add Custom headers or Query Params)


Anypoint DataGraph Limitations

Anypoint DataGraph Supports

  • REST APIs with RAML and OAS specifications

  • Only GET methods

  • 250 APIs per unified schema

  • 16,000 fields per unified schema

Anypoint DataGraph Restricts the Query Service To

  • A 30-second timeout for each request

  • A maximum of 100 selected fields for each request.

Deliver Digital Initiatives Faster using Anypoint DataGraph with Best Practices and Guidelines!

Anypoint DataGraph Restricts Downstream REST API Calls To

  • A 5-second timeout for each call

  • An upper limit of 5 MB of response data for each call

  • A maximum of 150 ongoing calls for each unified schema

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