Gain End-to-End Visibility Across B2B and Backend Integrations

Modernize Your B2B Presence

Today’s supply chains are faced with an increasing number of distribution channels, a broader set of suppliers, and ever-decreasing product cycles. As a result, a new approach is required for agile supply chain management that delivers speed and flexibility. MuleSoft‘s API-led approach offers up to 200% faster development cycles through leveraging reusable assets.

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Key Challenges in Supply Chain

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Shorter new product introduction cycles

Complex Supplier Icon

Contending complex supplier ecosystem

Maintaining Icon

Maintaining B2B/EDI interactions

Demanding Icon

Demanding customers

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Hyper-competitive world

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Leverage API-led connectivity

Wrapping existing B2B/EDI gateways with RESTFUL APIs

Leveraging a microservices-based approach

Adopt Anypoint Platform for B2B Integration

EDI Integration Feature Sets

  • Reusable Assets

  • ML Recommendations

  • CloudHub and AnyPoint Runtime Fabric

  • Single Interface

  • Out of the Box Compliance

  • Hybrid Integration

User Benefit Feature Sets

  • Accelerate Onboarding

  • Enjoy End-to-End Visibility

  • Ensure Flexibility, Security and, Visibility

Get end-to-end visibility across all B2B Transactions & Backend Integrations with a single platform

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