Gain Supply Chain Visibility with MuleSoft B2B EDI Integration

Anypoint Platform for Advanced B2B Integration with MuleSoft

Modernize Your B2B EDI Integration

Today’s supply chains face increasing distribution channels, a broader set of suppliers, and ever-decreasing product cycles. B2B/EDI ensures seamless, automated communication that streamlines the exchange of documents between trading partners. MuleSoft‘s Anypoint Platform provides a low-code interface for agile, API-led, cloud-native integration supply chain management, delivering speed and flexibility to the B2B EDI ecosystem.

Why B2B EDI is Essential for Modern Supply Chain Management

Key Challenges B2B Integration with MuleSoft Can Resolve

Traditional Partner Onboarding

Developing & Implementing APIs for Each Partner

Complex B2B Partner Management Systems

Visibility into B2B Transactions Back-End Integrations

Shorter new product introduction cycles

Contending complex supplier ecosystem

Hyper-Competitive Market and Customer Demand

Adopt Anypoint Partner Manager for B2B EDI Integration

How MuleSoft's B2B Integration Solution Aids Business Partnership

Accelerate Partner Onboarding

Implement partner integrations in days and democratize data interchange across IT and other lines of business with reusable APIs and onboarding templates.

Simplify Partner Management

To improve operational insights and achieve end-to-end visibility into complete lifecycle business transactions and back-end EDI integrations from a single interface.

Create Future Proof Architecture

Build flexible B2B integrations using a single platform for on-premises and cloud deployments. Connect across systems, applications, and data sources.

Enable EDI & API Hybrid Integration

Access a single, low-code interface for EDI, API, and 3rd party logistics integration. Extend back-office business application networks with trading partner ecosystems.

Royal Cyber Recommendations for B2B Integration

Leveraging a microservices-based approach

Wrapping existing B2B/EDI gateways with RESTFUL APIs

Leverage API-led connectivity

B2B EDI Integration Feature Sets

User Benefit Feature Sets

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B2B Integration with MuleSoft Anypoint Partner Manager

Simplify supply chain workflows and interactions with complete visibility across all B2B transactions and back-end integrations with a single platform. 

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