Elevate Customer Engagement with Royal Cyber’s Salesforce B2C Live Streaming Cartridge

Customer Engagement with Royal Cyber's Salesforce

Elevate Customer Engagement with Royal Cyber's Salesforce B2C Live Streaming Cartridge

Customer Engagement with Royal Cyber's Salesforce
Lala Asif Allana 

Director of Technology – Salesforce 

October 13, 2023

In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, captivating your audience’s attention and providing immersive experiences is key to staying ahead in the eCommerce game. Imagine a world where merchants can dynamically showcase their products in real-time, engaging customers like never before.

Enter Royal Cyber’s Salesforce B2C Live Streaming Cartridge, a groundbreaking integration of AWS Live Streaming service seamlessly embedded within the Salesforce Commerce Cloud. This innovation empowers merchants to broadcast live product demonstrations, providing customers with a vivid and interactive shopping experience.

Unveiling the Integration

The integration process of AWS Live Streaming service with Salesforce Commerce Cloud has been streamlined for simplicity and efficiency. By populating the AWS-related fields in custom preferences within Business Manager, merchants can seamlessly unlock the potential of live streaming.

Getting Started

To initiate the live streaming experience, follow these steps:

  • Custom Preferences Configuration: Fill in the fields including recordingConfigArn, AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID, and AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY, obtained from AWS, in Custom Preferences within Business Manager.
  • Create Channel: Navigate to Merchant Tools and select AWS Live Streaming to create a new channel.
  • Select Products: Merchants will be presented with a list of products. Against each product, there’s an option to “Create Channel”. Choose the product you wish to feature in the live stream.
  • Configuring the Stream: Choose the desired configurations for the stream, including the Channel Config, Webcam, and Microphone. Start the broadcast by clicking the “Start Broadcast” button.

Customer Experience

For the storefront user, the experience is equally seamless:
  • View Live Stream: Visit the product detail page of the item being live-streamed. Here, customers can witness the product in action, providing them with an unparalleled shopping experience.
  • Access Recorded Video: Even if a customer misses the live stream, they can still access the recorded video on the respective product detail page. This ensures that no one misses out on valuable product demonstrations.

Use Cases: Amplifying Engagement

The Royal Cyber Salesforce B2C Live Streaming Cartridge offers a multitude of use cases, including:

Live Demonstrations

Merchants can conduct live product demonstrations directly on the product detail pages. This enables them to showcase the unique features and benefits of their products in real-time, creating a more engaging shopping experience for customers.

On-Demand Viewing

For customers who may have missed the live stream, they can conveniently view the recorded video on the product detail page. This ensures that the information remains accessible, enhancing customer satisfaction.

Overcoming Limitations

To ensure a seamless integration, it’s important to address a few limitations:
  • IAM Permissions: Proper IAM permissions are required to obtain AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID and AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY.
  • Recording Configuration: A recording configuration must be created on the AWS side to obtain the recordingConfigArn.
  • Permissions and Access: Ensure that the necessary permissions are enabled for the creation of IVS channels and accessing the S3 bucket.
  • S3 Bucket Visibility: The S3 bucket should be set to public to ensure smooth functioning.

Compatibility and Reliability

The custom cartridge is designed to seamlessly integrate with Salesforce Commerce Cloud API Version 22.10 (Compatibility Mode: 22.7). It comes equipped with controllers for extended functionality and has been rigorously tested for compatibility with SFRA 6.3.0, ensuring a reliable and robust performance.

A Roadmap to Success: Implementation Guide

Setting up Business Manager to leverage the full potential of the Live Streaming Cartridge is a breeze:
  • Seamless Integration: Begin by extracting the provided zip file.
  • Cartridge Placement: Place the folders “bm_app_custom_liveStreaming” and “app_custom_liveStreaming” within the “cartridges” folder of the storefront-reference-architecture.
  • Configuration Tweaks: Open the “webpack.config.js” file and replace instances of “app_storefront_base” with “app_custom_liveStreaming” throughout the file.
  • Package Precision: Open the “package.json” file and set the variables as follows:
    “packageName”: “app_custom_liveStreaming “
    “paths”: { “base”: “./cartridges/app_storefront_base/” }
  • Compile and Conquer: Execute npm run compile:js && npm run compile:scss at the root folder of storefront-reference-architecture to compile JavaScript and SCSS.
  • Upload with Confidence: Upload the cartridge to your Salesforce Commerce Cloud instance.
  • Activate and Elevate: Log in to Business Manager and activate the code version with the uploaded cartridges.
  • Cartridge Configuration: Add “app_custom_liveStreaming” in the cartridge path for the target site within Business Manager.
  • Fine-Tuning Business Manager: Additionally, add “bm_app_custom_liveStreaming” in the Business Manager cartridge path for the target site.
  • Seal the Deal: Apply the changes and witness the magic unfold.

Elevating Customer Engagement with External Interfaces

By leveraging AWS services and a custom application deployed on an EC2 instance, the Live Streaming Cartridge revolutionizes the way products are presented on Salesforce Commerce Cloud product detail pages.

Breaking Down Barriers: Firewall Requirements

In a testament to its seamless integration, the SF B2C Live Streaming cartridge operates without the need for any firewall requirements, ensuring a hassle-free experience.


With Royal Cyber’s Salesforce B2C Live Streaming Cartridge, merchants can take their customer engagement to new heights. By seamlessly integrating AWS Live Streaming into their product detail pages, they can provide a dynamic and immersive shopping experience that sets them apart in today’s competitive eCommerce landscape. Elevate your customer engagement and unlock new possibilities with this innovative solution.


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