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Websphere MQ

As an IBM Premier Business Partner & IBM Authorized Independent Training Provider for the WebSphere Brand, we are involved in providing WebSphere MQ Administration, Architecture, and Development & best practices around Business Integration and WebSphere MQ Monitoring tool to deliver fully integrated MQ assessment solutions to consolidate enterprise business processes.

Working closely with IBM WebSphere products we have a range of specializations and competencies that show the diversity of the services we are offering:

WebSphere MQ Installation and Configuration
System Architecture
Application Design using WebSphere MQ
Testing & Troubleshooting a WebSphere MQ Environment
Application Programming using native MQ interfaces and JMS (Java Messaging System)
Deployment Strategies including Distributed Queue Management and Clustering Techniques
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Websphere MQ Health Check

Get more from your existing systems with WebSphere MQ Health-check

WebSphere MQ is the back bone of the Messaging Services for SOA and for your entire architecture of the applications and web services that need to exchange data and events.

MQ Health Check Assessment | Royal Cyber

After the analysis, our MQ Health Check Report will be delivered to you with detailed findings and high level recommendations and on implementation it will gear up your enterprise through addressing the followings issues:

Disaster Recovery
Scripts / Automation

Our MQ Health Check Assessment allows you to determine vulnerabilities in your MQ infrastructure.

Our Health Assessment Covers

Messaging Infrastructure

WebSphere MQ provides a range of link-level security services, including support for the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and Transport Layer Security (TLS).

WebSphere MQ can provide professional services to cover:

Large-scale deployments
Migrations with no lost messages
Advanced customer functionality
Ongoing custom support
Ensures Point-to-Point connectivity
Managing Diagnostic Data with IBM MQ

Monitor Your IBM WebSphere MQ Service Transaction

End To End with Transaction Pro

Transaction Pro

Transaction Pro is a monitoring application with MQ monitoring tool too for your IBM Middleware environment to capture information pertaining to the business transactions. It is highly scalable and can track millions of transactions for the businesses. It determines both success and failure that leverages various scripts to rectify the transaction failure.

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