IBM MQ – Why upgrade to the latest version?

IBM MQ v9.0 presents a new continuous delivery and long term support model. With the latest update moving to IBM MQ v9, there are more significant features for IBM MQ, even beyond what came with versions 8 (z/OS) & 8.5.

Some of the features of MQ v9 includes

  • More flexible connectivity

  • Additional control for monitoring

  • Improvements in managed file transfer

  • New packaging options for the Managed File Transfer Agent

  • New platform support for Ubuntu on IBM z Systems

MQ Upgrade Paths

Build better solutions

  • Innovate - Innovate with a range of tools, and more rapidly with access to updates every few months
  • Customize - Configure and manage MQ in the way that works for you
  • Be flexible - Manage your MQ infrastructure from anywhere – your mobile, your tablet, your laptop – and deploy where makes sense.
  • Connect better - Wishing for better integration with other companies or parts of your own? MQ has that covered.

Save money

  • Increase efficiency - With more reliable tools performing better for you, and life made easier for your workers, you can be more efficient and effective
  • Free agents - Make data more consumable by sending file data as messages
  • Simplify - Migrations are easier when the gap between versions is smaller, so what better time to make the move?
  • Identify faults faster - Save time looking for problems

Protect your business

  • Security enhancements - With a dedicated focus on end-to-end encryption improvements throughout v9, you’ll really see a difference
  • GDPR - protected by design - Prove compliance more easily with the latest version
  • Up and running - Be highly available, and run in more places
  • The latest fixes - Benefit from fixes to issues identified in past versions
  • Continued support - Is your version in support? Run the latest version to ensure that you’ve always got help available

With Royal Cyber we can plan for a smooth migration from any of the previous versions of MQ in your environment. For more information on the migration plan, you may email us at [email protected] or visit

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