Get a Reliable Messaging Solution with IBM MQ

With the adoption of cloud and the rise of digitization, the way businesses run is rapidly changing. The explosion in connectivity within businesses and their partners, combined with the growth of IoT and mobile, is driving business leaders to explore new opportunities. At the same time, born-on-the-cloud initiatives are also challenging traditional ways of working. Cloud deployments and cloud usage models are affecting all businesses whether they are moving some, all, or none of their workloads to public cloud environments.

Messaging connects applications, systems, and services in your back-end on-premises systems and in the cloud by transporting valuable data within your enterprise. With asynchronous messaging, you have greater assurance that data is not lost and that systems continue to function when there are connectivity issues, as there might be between clouds and on-premises environments.

IBM MQ is an enterprise messaging solution that securely and reliably connects applications, systems, services and files across multiple platforms. MQ transports data between these points via a queuing system that ensures delivery in case of network or application failure.

Why IBM MQ Stands Out?

Losing messages in a business can be extremely costly as these can represent new orders and opportunities. Similarly, it is important for messages to arrive only once. IBM MQ enables the handling of business-critical messages by providing assured message delivery. It delivers messages once and only once. Not only does this ensure no message loss or duplication, it allows the business to keep the applications focused on business logic rather than adding complexity of redundant information or validating that there are no lost messages.

IBM MQ is extensively used as the messaging infrastructure between several diverse development, test and production IT systems.

Here are a few more reasons we can list out:

  • Exchanges data faster and simpler.

  • Works with your existing applications.

  • Protects sensitive and valuable data.

  • Secures data movement.

  • Offers integrated file transfer.

  • Transfers files reliably.

What else?

  1. IBM MQ provides assured delivery of data.
  2. IBM MQ is horizontally scalable.
  3. IBM MQ is highly available.
  4. IBM MQ on cloud relieves you of operational management tasks while minimizing hardware, software and provisioning requirements.
  5. IBM MQ Appliance is a new application connectivity option that combines secure, reliable messaging with simplicity and low overall costs of a hardware appliance.
  6. IBM MQ backbone can be connected to Apache Kafka streaming solutions, Blockchain, Salesforce, IoT, Mobile, Cloud etc. through provided bridge solutions.

While the cloud promises agility, scalability and flexibility, on-premise deployment offers security, reliability, compliance and access to specific systems that cloud applications might not yet reach. Also, ensuring data is retained and controlled within a specific environment and location.

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