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WebSphere MQ Monitoring Tool

WebSphere MQ

IBM MQ allows messages to be sent and received from similar or disparate platforms with secured delivery. You can resolve instances before they turn out to be an issue and enjoy improved service levels with reduced risk of downtime within your IBM WebSphere MQ infrastructure.

Inherent Challenges Overcome Through

Websphere MQ

Detect problems in the queue manager network

Assist in determining the causes of problems in your queue manager network

Improve the efficiency of your queue manager network

Confirm that your queue manager network is running correctly

Generate messages when certain events occur

Record message activity

Determine the recent location of a message

Check various statistics of a queue manager network in real time

Generate an audit trail

Account for application resource usage

Capacity planning

IBM WebSphere MQ Benefits

  • No more losing critical business transactions
  • No failed critical business transactions
  • Saving from general outages
  • No more poor performance of message flows & transactions
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