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Why Migrate To
The Latest Versions?
Minimize custom coding & reduce design hence reducing time during construction cycle

.NET integration allows more heterogeneous environments to be interconnected

Helps reduce build & test costs by 40% to 60% with the migration
Reduce complexity with enhancements to data mapping
Implement business rules more effectively
Significant improvement in the performance

Migration to (IIB)
IBM Integration Bus
JBoss Fuse migration to IBM Integration Bus/Message broker

Migration from WMB v8 and older to Integration Bus v9/v10

Migration from Enterprise Service Bus to Integration Bus

WebSphere MQ migration and upgrade

IIB Migration to App Connect Enterprise

Supported IIB
Migration Paths

IIB Migration to IBM Integration Bus Version 10.0 & IBM App Connect from the following previous versions:

WebSphere® Message Broker Version 8.0
IBM Integration Bus Version 9.0
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Middleware Transactions?
Transaction Pro

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Are you spending significant time and effort migrating manually from IIB to ACE? Are you still using an out-of-support version of IIB or deferring your migration upgrade due to fear of migration pain?

I2AC Solution
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IIB administration and support
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Intrigued to know about the key functions of
IBM Integration Bus (IIB) v10

This version comes with increased productivity, simplicity of tool, better and improved features & enhancements and better monitoring of the over integration hub.

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