Integrating IIB in a Cloud Environment

IBM Integration Bus on Cloud delivers a fully IBM-managed IIB environment that helps your business start projects quickly and easily by enabling you to deploy integration solutions on the cloud without needing to acquire and maintain an IT infrastructure.

Why is IIB on Cloud important?

CEO: Wants to reduce costs, sees rapid ROI, gains competitive advantage, and increases revenue
CIO: Wants to utilize skills already available within the enterprise and invest in technology that creates new business opportunities
SO: Number one concern is securing the enterprise which requires seamless, secure integration with the legacy systems, applications, and data to maximize the potential of new technologies.

Key Differentiators:

  • Can provision an environment and deploy an integration in less than 10 minutes

  • Is fully compatible with IIB software - content created for IIBoC will also run on IIB on-premise (and vice versa). Note: not all content is available on IIBoC.

  • Can securely connect with IIB software running in other locations via Callable Flows to create a truly hybrid integration.

  • Has a straightforward pricing structure with Annual Subscription, Pay as you Go, and Hybrid Entitlement.

  • Has trusted technology (IIB in market for over 18 years) with comprehensive support network including lab advocates, beta program, and 24 x 7 Worldwide support.

Key Value Propositions:

Save Money
  • No hardware, perpetual software licenses, or installation services to purchase Improved time to value as it is ready to go when the customer is Reduced risk of downtime caused by human error
Innovate Faster
  • IIBoC simplifies and automates many steps associated with creating the integration foundation for your business applications
  • Deploys faster and iterates with greater agility to meet fast-changing business demands and technical requirements
Focus Resource
  • Removing the overhead of deploying and managing integrations means you have more time to focus on business logic
  • Integration Bus on Cloud reduces complexity whilst maintaining enterprise-grade connectivity
Scales Easily
  • Scales to meet the demands of the business
  • Optimizes for your current workload and reduces downtime risks and cost of re-working your system if the workload increases
  • Capacity-based pricing means you don’t need to run at 20% utilization for 90% of the year
Stay up to date
  • IIBoC is constantly updated with the latest and greatest capabilities which are tested by our experts so that the risk of incompatibility is minimized
Improves security
  • Integration Bus on Cloud provides continual security updates and secure connectivity to on-premise data stores and applications
  • IBM SoftLayer and Integration Bus security experts fully maintain infrastructure components Security
  • Security vulnerabilities are quickly resolved and customers are notified following a patch

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