IBM Integration Bus to App Connect Enterprise: More Than a Name Change

Migrate now to App Connect Enterprise, the official successor of IBM Integration Bus (IIB)

Are you looking to expand the horizon by modernizing your company into the cloud era?

IBM App Connect Enterprise (ACE) has been released with enhanced new features that provide capabilities to implement and modernize your applications to meet your existing business needs. Similar to the previous versions, it provisions a wide range of integration styles, from traditional SOA to APIs and microservices.

Modernizing Applications

Why Migrate from IIB to ACE?

Data Mapping Icon

Reduce complexity with enhancements to data mapping

Business Rules Icon

Implement business rules more effectively

Performance Icon

Significant improvement in the performance

Time Icon

Minimize custom coding & reduce design hence reducing the time during the construction cycle

Integration Icon

.NET integration allows more heterogeneous environments to be interconnected

Costs Icon

It helps minimize build & test costs by 40% to 60% with the migration

Supported Migration Paths

Migrate to IBM App Connect Version 12.0 from the following previous versions

WebSphere Message Broker Version
WebSphere Message Broker Version 8.0
IBM Integration Bus Version 10.0

What Has Changed?

IBM App Connect Enterprise 12 introduces the following capabilities

App Connect

What Does IBM App Connect Do?

  • IBM App Connect Enterprise helps in building diverse applications that can interact and exchange data.
  • IBM App Connect is flexible, dynamic, and has an extensible infrastructure.
  • IBM App connect lets you simplify application connectivity and data across multiple systems.
  • Support a wide range of integration formats.
  • It is a single integration tool for your entire business.

IBM App Connect Benefits

Advantage from a microservice, lightweight, and agile runtime

Cloud integration for many ERPs and business applications

Transmit data between enterprise systems and cloud applications

Speeds up time to value and reduces risk of longer project timelines

Connects applications and data

Access augmented intelligence (AI)

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