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HCL Solutions acquired IBMS’s ace ecommerce solution, IBM WCS, and named it HCL Commerce two years ago. HCL Commerce has been having an interesting roadmap, and it continues further to nurture the platform with improved and futuristic features. The latest version from HCL Commerce is v9.1.6.

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Why HCL Commerce?

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An Omnichannel Platform That Creates Multiple Branded Sites

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Speed of Configuration & Initial Deployment

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Futuristic Architecture That Provides World-Class Experiences

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Offers The Best-In-Class, NLP Search Solution

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Better Scaling & Flexibility With The API-First Framework

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Single, Unified Commerce Platform For B2B & B2C

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Modern, Cloud-Native Architecture

Services We Offer

Migrate to HCL Commerce v9 in Just Two Months

Royal Cyber’s Fast Track v9 Migration Package helps migrate to the latest version in as little as two months!

Avail 2 Weeks of Complimentary v9 Migration Assessment and Fit Gap Analysis

HCL Commerce v9

HCL Commerce Assessment & Health Check

Identify existing and unrealized issues, provide a technology roadmap that includes new features and SME mentoring.

Know how to avoid any risks your business is exposed to and use the technology to the fullest.

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Why Does your HCL Commerce Need Google Cloud?

E-commerce is just not about selling products online. It’s about delivering a better shopping experience that is seamless across all touchpoints and provides a more personalized experience across various business channels. But eventually, it is about doing more to leverage the power of your brand and present its value consistently to your customers and HCL Commerce provides just that, a powerful customer interaction platform for omnichannel commerce.

Choosing the Best eCommerce Platform: The Ultimate Guide

The eCommerce industry was expected to increase by 4.4% but has instead grown by 18.4% over the past year, making eCommerce one of the most profitable and sought-after industries to be associated with. To be a part of this industry and benefit from its growth, the next steps involve selecting the right eCommerce platform for your business or upgrading your current platform to ensure a maximum return on investment.

HCL Commerce v9 to Match the Evolving Customer Demands

With the advancement in media and technology and ease of accessibility granted by the internet, it has become essential to evaluate and understand your customer’s intentions to reap profits.

What is New in HCL Commerce v9.1.4?

Adapting to the post-pandemic shift in customer requirements, all ecommerce platforms are scaling up their features to help businesses successfully improve their offerings and boost sales. The new features and enhancements of HCL Commerce v9.1.4 will help businesses exceed customer demands, supporting your business tackle and prioritize the need of the hour – enhanced and personalized customer experience.

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