HCL Commerce Migration to V9.0

Greater Agility and Flexibility

HCL Commerce v9 has been released that gives organizations greater agility and flexibility to speedily innovate and to quickly adjust their go-to-market strategies and transform how they engage customers across channels. Unlike version 8, which came after 6 years gap, IBM has reduced the major release period this time.

What is even more important to note is that support for v7 (still most of the customers are running on) will end in April 2020 (End of Support).

Customers on v7 therefore need to think about a migration project. We have covered phases of migration and the new features of HCL Commerce v9 in the later sections. Royal Cyber shares its experience of how best to approach ecommerce implementations to help make sure you get it right.

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New Features in HCL Commerce V9.0


Modular Architecture

IBM WebSphere Commerce V9 has a modular architecture, driving better scale with less overhead

Microservices Approach

Modularize WebSphere Commerce into loosely coupled components called Microservices


The docker feature in WebSphere Commerce makes it easy to create, deploy and run applications

AI for the Commerce Professional

HCL Commerce is your secret weapon in taking market share, right now

Phases of Migration

A migration project for any live WebSphere Commerce site is an activity that must be carefully thought out.

There are 03 Main Phases of the Migration Project

The Planning Phase
The Practice Phase
The Production Migration Phase

Planning Phase

In the planning phase, we take list of clients current WCS Assets, such as servers, software, documentation, databases and custom code. It is crucial to know which customizations client has, and where system integrates with external systems.

Practice Phase

The practice phase is divided into 02 or more parts, depending on clients business.

  • Migrating the Development Environment
  • Migrating the Test Environment

Production Migration Phase

The v9.0 migration offers a minimal downtime solution, so when we migrate your live environment to v9.0, you can continue to serve traffic.
The majority of the production migration takes place offline. In fact, the live database is the only tier from your production environment that gets migrated directly from one runtime environment to another. And that database migration can occur in parallel to serving traffic.

How Royal Cyber can help?

Our services include:

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