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HCL Commerce V9 Essentials

5 Days

Web-Based Training


Course Overview:
  • In this 05 day course, we will focus on the new architectural and technical upgrades on the HCL Commerce V9 platform, and acquire the essential skills necessary to build new/customize available OOTB features of V9.
  • Also introduced to many of the new features provided by HCL Commerce V9 and deprecated features.
Course Prerequisites:

Before taking this course, students are required to possess the following:

  • Java or Java EE application development skills
  • JSP development and deployment skills
  • Java servlet development and deployment skills
  • JavaServer Pages Standard Tag Library (JSTL) skills
  • Spring MVC
  • Jquery
  • Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) skills
  • SQL skills

  • Extensible Markup Language (XML) skills
  • Knowledge of Rational Application Developer V7.5
  • A thorough knowledge of HCL Commerce V7/V8 architecture, business models, data models, tools, and functionality as provided in course HCL Commerce V7/V8 Foundation
Course Objectives:

This course has been designed to enable you to:

  • Describe HCL Commerce architecture.
  • Spring MVC and store controller customization
  • Externalized customizations (xC) programming model for couple of extension points and business logic decision on commerce UE application.
  • Customizing storefront pages
  • REST API from xC extensions

  • Watson Content Hub integration
  • Rebuilding store code for crs-web
  • Customize Payment/Tax programming Model
  • Customize Search extension.
  • Migrating EJB to JPA.
Agenda: Day 1
  • Unit 1. HCL Commerce Architecture (V9)
  • Exercise 1. Introduction to the HCL Commerce Development Environment
  • Unit 2. Spring MVC & Customizations
  • Exercise 2. Spring MVC and store controller customization
Agenda: Day 2
  • Unit 3. Developing and Customizing using (xC) programming
  • Exercise 3. Customizing extension points
  • Unit 4. Invoking REST API from xC extensions
  • Exercise 4. Customize extension and invoke Rest API on extension points
Agenda: Day 3
  • Unit 5. Developing and Customizing the Store front pages
  • Exercise 5. Customizing Storefront pages
  • Unit 6. Rebuilding store code for crs-web
  • Exercise 6. Grunt installation changes and execution
  • Unit 7. Watson Content Hub integration
  • Exercise 7. Configuring Watson Content Hub and Integrate with Commerce.
Agenda: Day 4
  • Unit 8. Customize Tax and Integration using xC model
  • Exercise 8. Tax Integration with Commerce
  • Unit 9. Customize and Integrate Payment System
  • Exercise 9. Configuring and Integrate Payment Systems
  • Unit 10. Customize Search extension on xC
  • Exercise 10. Configuring Search and customize search functions using xC Model
Agenda: Day 5
  • Unit 11. Migrating EJB to JPA
  • Exercise 11. EJB to JPA Migration Steps on V7 to V9
  • Unit 12. Traditional Approach on V9
  • Exercise 12. Create and expose traditional approach on commerce and consume the services on crs-web.