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Data Governance

Is Your Organization Ready & Prepared for CCPA?

The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), creates new consumer rights relating to the access to, deletion of, and sharing of personal information that is collected by businesses.

Who Does it Apply To?
Annual Gross Revenue more than $25,000,000.
Interact with the personal information of 50,000 or more consumers.
Derives 50% or more annual revenues from selling consumers.

Data Governance Platforms

Information Asset

Pre-built Acceletors

One Trust

Privacy, Security and Trust


Enterprise Cloud Management Leader

Data Governance Assessment

Vision & Strategy
  • Business Alignment
  • Compliance
  • Project
  • Knowledge
  • Roles and Responsibilities
  • Structure
  • Education
  • Access
  • Trust
  • Data Governance
  • Case Management
  • Business Process
Tools & Technology
  • Visibility
  • Data Quality
  • Data Assets
  • Effectiveness
  • Data Quality reporting
  • Data Governance reporting
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Data Governance Services

Defining policies, frameworks, processes to establish or enhance data governance
Policies & Procedures
Establish Data Governance policies and procedures to industry standards
Workflow Management
Enabling rule-based workflow for proper data management
Metadata Management
Ensure consistent metadata with proper lineage to source systems
Security & Privacy
Ensure role-based access to data with proper encryption
Data Quality Management
Safeguarding standard master data and any changes from master to source
Streamline your Data Smartly Now!

Data Governance Features

1. Search Everywhere

Activate contextual search from any windows application

2. Business User Portal

Fast and easy end user consumption

3. Business Friendly Interface

Smooth, consistent and easy to use roles based and configurable UI

4. Configurable Semantics

Extend the metamodel (types, attributes, relations …) according to your specific needs

5. Metamodel Templates

Set up enterprise and specialized templates for different assets, domains and communities.

6. Reporting

Built in configurable measures, metrics & dashboards

7. Fully web based

Immediate accessibility across all browsers

8. Operating Model Support

Set up your data governance organization as required, centralized and / or federated

9. Roles Management

Use and configure existing roles and responsibilities and set up your own roles.

10. Time-travel

Snapshots, built in versioning and audit trails

11. Easy import & export

End user wizard for unstructured (TXT, DOC, PPT), semi structured (CSV, XLS) & structured (XML, XMI, XSD, RDF/OWL) I/O

12. Governance engine ready

Comprehensive Java & Webservices API for any integration

13. Workflow Enabled

Use existing configurable workflows (approval, notification, issue resolution, data sharing) or set up your own (BPMN 2.0)

14. Semantics Enabled

Create and work with real world and formal semantics.

15. Open architecture & API

Java, Javscript, REST, and Relational Database

16. Powerful query engine

Access content flexibly

17. Infrastructure ready

Classical three tier architecture with relational database back end

18. Standards Compliant

Collibra is built on and uses open standards (e.g., BPMN, SBVR, XML)

Key Benefits

Apply processes across all systems enterprise wide
Improve data quickly in less time
Deploy, Monitor and Control Data practice from a sole location
Are You Ready to Take Data Governance to the Next Level?

Data Governance Functions

Our Assessment Benefits

Evaluate readiness to support changes involving Information Management and business goals.
Streamline Data Governance to Regulatory Compliance authorities like GDPR and BCBS 239.
Identify the ideal Data Governance framework to reduce costs, reduce risks and increase quality and compliance.
Offer improvements leveraging Data Governance Best Practices to resolve data quality issues
Use the Collibra Platform to streamline information management activities
Achieve a common understanding and value proposition of Data Governance

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